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2018 Reading Survey

This sounded like an interesting survey, so here we go.

2018 Reading Stats

Number of books: 152
Number of re-reads: 0
Genre you read the most from: Romance


1.Best book you read in 2018?

The Kiss Quotient


I loved this book so much. So much.

2. Most surprising book you read (in a good or bad way)?

unscrew me

This is one of the worst books I’ve read. Ever.

3. Best series you started in 2018?

Hot Asset

Wall Street series by Lauren Layne.

4. Favorite new author you discovered in 2018?

See #1

5. Favorite cover of 2018?

An Imperfect Heart

6. Book you can’t believe took you so long to finally pick up?

Hotshot Doc

7. Which book made you cry in 2018?

Something So Unscripted

Best epilogue ever.7.

8. Best book from a genre you don’t typically read/was out of your comfort zone?


Seeing Red
If you would like to see the entire survey (which I didn’t complete), please go here.

Cover Reveal ~ The Break-Up Bet by Cat Carmine

Title: The Break-Up Bet
Author: Cat Carmine
Genre: Standalone Romantic Comedy
Release Date: January 31, 2019
Never make a bet with a man who plays to win… 

Especially not a man like handsome, arrogant Connor Pratt. 

AKA the huge PITA who’s currently crashing in my spare room. 

AKA my brother’s best friend since they were about six. 

AKA the one guy who still makes me feel like an awkward tongue-tied

But when Connor moved in, I got a glimpse of another side of him. Because,
like me, Connor’s going through a nasty break-up. And, like me, he’s just doing
whatever he can to get through it. 

Unfortunately, his method involves drinking alarming amounts of whiskey
and watching a lot of, um … movies … that make every inch of my skin

I’m just trying to be helpful when I tell him that he should try my
way: copious amounts of baked goods, sappy romantic comedies, and late nights
spent whining with girlfriends. 

But I should have known Connor would take that as a challenge. 

Now, he says he’ll try my way of dealing with a break-up …
but only if I agree to try his. Six months rent to the person whose
method works best. 

We call it the break-up bet. And I’m going to win. Except right now, it
feels like there’s a whole lot more at stake than just rent money…
Author Bio
Cat Carmine writes contemporary romance and romantic comedy.
She also happens to like drinking wine, eating cake, buying too many books, and
snuggling with her elderly cocker spaniel (oh, and her husband too.) She loves
— and writes — books with sweet and sarcastic heroines and strong, sexy heroes
who like a little bark with their bite. She thinks witty banter is the best
kind of foreplay, and she tries to infuse all her stories with heart, humor and
Sign up to her mailing list to get an exclusive free book: http://smarturl.it/ccromancejoin 
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Cover Reveal ~ Times Like These by Julia Wolf

Title: Times Like These
Series: Blue is the Color #1
Author: Julia Wolf
Genre: Contemporary/Rock Star RomanceCover Design: Amy Queau
Release Date: February 8, 2019
Nick Fletcher has the voice of a god and a tongue as sharp as a knife.
His words can cut, and this time, his quick temper has earned him an intruder
in his life and on his tour.

Dalia Brenner looks like a grown-up Annie gone bad, but he wants
nothing to do with her pin-up worthy curves and smart mouth. His method of
dealing is to keep his head down, get through the tour, and then he’ll never
have to see her again.

Dalia has no intention of having heart-to-hearts with Nick. They share
a bus and sleep three feet apart every night, but that doesn’t mean she can’t
ignore the scowly, grumpy lead singer.

Except she can’t seem to deny the annoying instinct to “fix”
the pain and grief behind Nick’s sea glass eyes, even though she definitely
knows better.

And Nick, well, he’s getting tired of denying Dalia…period.

Dalia has plans though, and none of them involve being a rock star’s
girlfriend. Too bad Nick couldn’t disagree more.
Julia Wolf is a lover of all things romance. From steamy, to
sweet, to funny, to so dirty you’ll be blushing for days, she loves it all.

Formerly a hair stylist, she spent years collecting stories
her clients couldn’t wait to spill. And now that she’s writing full time, she’s
putting those stories to use, although all identifying characteristics have
been changed to protect the not-so-innocent!

Julia lives in Maryland with her three crazy, beautiful kids
and her patient husband who she’s slowly converting to a romance reader, one
book at a time.
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Release Boost ~ Game On by Kelly Jamieson

Game On by Kelly Jamieson is AVAILABLE NOW!

When the stakes are this high, it’s game on. . . .

“Kelly Jamieson is an auto-buy for me.”—New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips

Cam Brickley and his pro hockey teammates bet on everything: who can win five faceoffs in a row, who can do forty pushups in less than a minute, who can eat a ghost pepper without puking. But when his buddies bet him he can’t date the same woman—like, say, the hot blonde over at the bar—for two months and not fall in love, he’ll take that bet all day. Then he’ll laugh all the way to the hockey arena, where they’ll be washing his jock straps for the rest of the season, because Cam’s never giving up his bachelor lifestyle.

Olivia Lockwood, heiress to the Lockwood Industries fortune, is used to people using her for her money and family connections. When Cam Brickley hits on her in a club, Olivia’s first instinct is to brush him off. But he couldn’t be using her for her money, since he has more than enough of his own. Cam’s gorgeous and built, and it would be no hardship to go out with him . . . besides, he’d be the perfect spokesperson for the children’s charity she works with. Maybe it’s time for her to start using people.

Cam and Olivia are both in it for something. What they don’t know yet is that they’re playing for keeps.

About Kelly Jamieson

Kelly Jamieson is a USA Today bestselling author of over 40 romance novels and novellas.

Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”. She likes black coffee, white wine and high heels…and of course cheering on her Winnipeg Jets during hockey season!

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Release Blitz & Review ~ Hold Me Today by Maria Luis

Title: Hold Me Today
Series: Put A Ring On It #1
Author: Maria Luis
Genre: Sexy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 17, 2019
Rock bottom has never felt so good.
At least, that’s what I tell myself when I bargain with the enemy and score a renovation for my hair salon. 
The enemy? Nick Stamos, my best friend’s older brother. 
He’s got a body and face the Greek gods would envy but his personality needs a major overhaul. 

He’s surly. 
A rule-follower.
Did I mention he’s seen me naked? 

I may have crushed on him for years, but the only place I want Nick swinging his hammer nowadays is at my salon. 

Except, he needs something in return. . . 

A fake girlfriend. 

And I’m just reckless enough to say yes.
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$2.99 for a limited time!
Free in Kindle Unlimited
~ Mina ~ 
A masculine hand sticks through the closing elevator doors, cutting off my train of thought as I lurch forward to jab the KEEP OPEN button. I smack it once with a heavy, don’t-fail-me-now finger, then again, my gaze flitting to the doors that are inching closed like the gates of Mordor. 

That hand balls into a fist and then a suit-encased forearm appears, followed by a long leg and a brown, leather dress shoe. The leather is so soft, so visibly supple, I wouldn’t doubt that they cost more than my mortgage. 


At the Greek curse for “fuck”, and the more than familiar gravel-pitched voice, my back snaps straight, and I yank my gaze up. Up past the lean waist not even a suit jacket can hide. Up past the barrel chest and the bulging, I-swing-hammers-for-a-living arms. Up to a face that’s as unforgiving in its aristocratic, angular bone structure as his hair is a wild, dark mop on his head.

Only that curly hair and a pair of full, pillow-soft lips—not that I’ve ever tasted them, of course—make him seem more human than rigid statue.


Has there ever been more appropriate timing? I don’t think so.

She who asketh shall receive—or however the saying goes. 

For possibly the first time in six years, I smile at the man standing just inches away. 

Nick Stamos stares down at me, his pewter eyes hard and narrowed with suspicion. “Trying to amputate my arm, Ermione?” 

My smile slips, hackles twitching like a cat’s fur standing on end when stalked by a predator. Er-me-o-ne. His tongue rolls over the R in my given name, his Greek accent perfect and sultry despite the condescension dripping heavy and thick with every purred syllable. 

Don’t let him get to you

Only, he’s gotten to me for years now.

“If by amputate you mean save,” I murmur with practiced flippancy, “then sure. It’s not my fault if technology doesn’t want to work for you.” 

Those slate-gray eyes, unlike any pair I’ve ever seen, drop to where I’m still pressing the KEEP OPEN button. When his dark brows rise, taunting me with their perfect arches, I follow his lead and glance down at the illuminated button. 


Oh. Oh.

Air puffs up my chest with indignancy as I inhale swiftly. “You didn’t really need that arm, did you?”

Nick snorts derisively. Without sparing me another look, his big hand circles my wrist. His touch is bold, his skin hot. A shiver of something—revulsion, I hope—rolls down my spine, unwinding and unfurling until even my gold-painted toes curl in my heels. And, as though he fears I’m completely incompetent, he angles my still-pointed finger at the button to close the doors. 

Pushes down and lingers, as though to taunt, see? This is how a contraption called an elevator works. Welcome to the twenty-first century, Ermione. 

Ermione. Even in my head I can hear him slinging around the name I inherited from my maternal grandmother, knowing that it makes my mouth pinch and my hands clench. 

My smile has, as it always does around him, completely evaporated.

The elevator pings shut. 

Locking me in with Satan’s mortal sidekick, my best friend’s older brother.
Author Bio
Maria Luis
is the author of sexy contemporary romances, though she may or may not have a
few historical romances hiding in the cobwebs of her computer.

When she’s
not writing about strong men and the sassy women who sweep them off their feet,
Maria is a historian who specializes in medieval England and 19th century
New Orleans. What do the two eras have in common, you ask? Not much, except for
disease, scandalous activities and crime–Maria’s favorite topics.

Maria lives
in New Orleans with her better half, where she can generally be found hiking
with her two dogs, Zeus and Athena, kayaking in Louisiana’s inter-coastal
waterways, or curled up on the couch with a good book.
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3 1/2 stars

Did you ever read a book, and while you were reading it, you thought to yourself “is this book EVER going to end?” That’s how I felt with Hold Me Today. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good book filled with interesting characters and an interesting story, but in my own personal opinion, this book was at least 100 pages too long.

Mina (whose real name is Ermoine, which I had no clue to pronounce) is a hair stylist who has dreamed of opening her own hair salon forever. She starts her project, and her handyman takes her money and runs. Devastated, she turns to the one person she shouldn’t – her best friend’s brother, Nick Stamos.

Nick just got back from a stint on a reality dating show, where he made it to the end. To keep the tabloids off his back, he feels he needs a fake girlfriend, so Nick and Mina strike up a deal – Nick will get her salon going and Mina will pose as Nick’s fake girlfriend.

I loved the characters in this book, Mina especially. She was always made to feel unwanted by her parents (why is a little obvious), like she’s not good enough. She has always turned to Nick’s parents for affection, and they happily gave it to her. Nick – is a great guy. He’s a hopeless romantic, looking for his soulmate, not aware that she’s been with him his whole life.

There were some funny moments in this book, but there were also some points where I get bored by all the details and started skipping over them. I’m not a big fan of a lot of detail, so I didn’t love that part of the book.

Overall, I enjoyed this story and would recommend this book. I just feel that it’s a little too long.

WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday – 1/16/19

WWW is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Is it me? I am having the hardest time finding a good book this year! The ARC’s I’ve read have all been underwhelming, and even a book I grabbed on KU was eh. It could be me. I started Broadway Beans by Karen Cimms and was not getting into it and realized it has 75 chapters!!!!!!! It’s not a James Patterson novel! I hope the next ARC I start is better than what I’ve been reading. Last January started off awesome, so I’m a little bummed:(

What I’m Currently Reading

Nothing. I stopped reading Broadway Beans on the train and finished the Sebastian Maniscalco comedy show on Netflix (which I highly recommend.


What I Recently Finished

Accidental Romeo by Nicole Snow. I liked the book but it was SO long. SOOOOO long.

accidental romeo

Hold Me Today by Maria Luis. Another decent book that was exceedingly long and detail heavy.


What I Plan to Read Next

I’m really praying one of these ARC’s gets me back on track, reading wise.

Build (Burns Brothers, #1) Hollywood Playboy LASS

What is on your list this week?

Happy reading.