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Never Surrender by Susan Vaughan

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For years, DEA Agent Ricardo Cruz has pursued El Águila, the gun-and-drug-smuggling cartel that killed his older brother. When Rick finally has a lead in Maine, his suspect goes underground and the sister refuses to cooperate. Beautiful Juliana Paris’s quick wit and loyalty draw him but he can’t afford involvement with his suspect’s sister.
With no way back
Because Juliana’s father suffered injustice that led to his early death, she intends to find her troubled younger brother and ensure the law treats him fairly. She’s determined not to fall for the sexy agent, even if he is dedicated and honorable. Threats by the cartel, who plan to use her to lure out her brother, force her to accept Rick’s protection.
The only choice is . . . surrender
Juliana wants no charmer like the men her mother keeps marrying, and Rick wants no strings. Although attraction sparks between them, the two are at odds and their personalities are polar opposites, but they must work together while evading the thugs. Their hunt for the brother and the cartel’s American connection leads them into each other’s arms and into deadly danger.

My rating:
2.5 stars

My review:

I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review.

I am sad to admit I didn’t really care for this book.  It is pegged as “romantic suspense”.  It was ok on the suspense, and not at all good on the romance.  In fact, this was a very “PG” rated book in terms of romance.  Nothing steamy at all. 

I honestly felt this book was a mess.  It starts off with Rick Cruz looking for Jordan Paris, who is wanted for drug running.  Rick is in the perps apartment and an intruder comes in and he takes the perp down.  It turns out the perp is not a perp at all, but the perps sister.  Rick is immediately attracted to the sister, whose name is Juliana Paris.  Juliana is a “mother hen” sister to her younger brother and has a hard time believing her brother is a drug runner.

The “suspense” in this story was ok.  The story was semi-believable.  What was not believable was the romance between Rick and Juliana.  It didn’t move at a believable pace and their romance seemed very forced.  And the sex scenes were from a Disney movie, kissing and a boob touch.  It was so tame, especially after some of the books I’ve just read.

On the positive side, I really did like Rick.  He was an interesting character, and I liked that he used Spanish lingo during the book.  Juliana was semi-annoying, but I grew to like her more toward the end of this book.  Overall, this book didn’t flow well, and the best part was that it was short.  Thank you to the author for the copy and I’m sorry my review couldn’t be better.

My recommendation:

Skip it.

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