Romance Books

Quinn by Andria Large (Beck Brothers #3)

Genre: Romance

Goodreads Shelves: Hot Alpha Male, Romance
My rating: 4 out of 5 stars
My recommendation: Read it

Summary from goodreads.comQuinn Beck is the kind of guy who keeps to himself. He’s quiet, reserved, and has this thing about being touched; he doesn’t like it. The reason? It’s the secret he’s been keeping inside for twenty years. Quinn has told no one what happened to him when he was ten. No. One. His plan is to take his secret to his grave, but his plan slowly starts to deteriorate when his boss hires a bubbly, outgoing, fidgety, drop-dead gorgeous woman from France, and sticks her in his office.

Margot Leclair moved to the U.S. in hopes to further her architectural and interior design career. Her new boss put her in the same office as his leading architect, who is a bit quirky, but extremely handsome, with his dark hair and dark eyes. Margot has a hard time keeping her eyes off of him. She also finds him intriguing and is curious about what makes him the way he is. She cannot help her growing attraction to him, even though she knows that he finds her irritating.

After almost a year of working together on a project and in the same office, their boss sends them on a trip to London for an Architectural Seminar. It turns into the trip from Hell that has Margot returning with a sprained ankle, and Quinn even more introverted than usual. Even after having the horrible trip, Margot wants to be with Quinn, yet he continues to fight their obvious connection.

When a death in Margot’s family sends them to France only days after getting home from London, an argument between Margot and Quinn sends him to a bar, where he decides to drink himself stupid. Will he reveal his secret to Margot while drunk off his ass, or will he close himself off even more? Can Quinn overcome his past to be with the one woman who wants him as is? Or will Quinn’s past come back to bite him and ruin everything he and Margot have together?

My review:
I’m SO HAPPY!!!  Finally, an Andria Large book not riddled with spelling and grammatical mistakes!!!!
Quinn is about Quinn Beck, the third of the Beck brothers.  Quinn is different from his brothers – much different.  He doesn’t like to be touched.  It’s a secret he has been keeping from his family for twenty years.  His secret is very predictable, but handled in a tasteful manner.  Quinn works with Margot, a French beauty who shares his office and annoys the crap out of him.  They are sent to London on a special project, and sparks fly.

While in London, Quinn decides that Margot deserves better, they get into a fight and he leaves for the gym.  While he is at the gym, Margot goes sight seeing and is being followed.  She calls Quinn, who comes to her rescue, but she is injured in the process.  Quinn feels like a jerk and takes care of her.  Once back in the States, Margot gets a call that her father has passed.  Quinn decides to head to France with her.  Once they are in France, staying with her family, Quinn discovers that Margot tells her family everything.  Quinn is furious and storms out.

There is a LOT of drama in this book.  Quinn had some serious issues to work through, and it takes him a LONG time to do it.  He ends up leaving for a few days, upsetting his family and Margot in the process, but comes to terms with things and decides he wants to start living life.  This was a good book – Margot was a really good, strong female character.  Quinn was kind of a dick to her, for most of the book, but he redeemed himself in the end. 

Alot of this book, and the epilogue, focused on brother Christian, who is gay and in love with his best friend, who is straight.  Having mixed feelings about reading that one, but Quinn is well worth the time.

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