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Book Review – All of Me by Gina Sorelle

Stella Ciaramitaro spent the last year battling a disease that tried to take her life…and take her away from her four crazy, pain-in-the-butt sisters, occasionally suicidal father, and career as an Emergency Room nurse. Stella’s disease wreaked a lot of havoc, leaving her with visible and invisible scars, but she’s hanging in there. Doing just fine, actually.

Or she was until HE showed up.

Nathan Drazek is a mess and he knows it. A childhood full of mental and physical abuse, four tours in Afghanistan, and ten years policing one of the toughest beats in East Cleveland have left him aloof and nearly incapable of interpersonal relationships. But that’s okay, because Nathan isn’t interested in anything more than just getting by.

Or he wasn’t until SHE showed up.

From the moment Nathan nearly arrests Stella, sparks fly, limits are tested, and boundaries are shattered. A tenuous, tender friendship quickly evolves into something powerfully passionate they cannot wish away or control. As they grow closer, new issues arise and old hurts resurface, threatening to destroy their fragile new beginning.

With everything at stake, Nathan and Stella must ultimately decide which runs deeper: their scars or their love.

4 out of 5 stars

This is a pretty intense book.  Nathan is a super intense guy.  Stella is pretty hilarious.  They made a very interesting couple.

Stella is a nurse, one of many Italian sisters.  She’s loud, in your face and fiercly loyal to her family.  She is also recovering from an illness that has made her very self-conscious.  Nathan is a cop who had a rough life, especially his childhood.  He’s damaged.  Big time.  But he instantly falls for Stella.

I loved Stella and her family.  I loved Danny, Nathan’s partner.  Nathan was a little hard to take at times, and at about 70% of the book, I wanted to punch him in the nut sack.  Hard.  He was being such a pussy.  But Stella, on the other hand, was such an incredibly strong woman.  Much better at dealing with the hand she was dealt than Nathan, that’s for sure.

I would recommend this book.  Nathan could be a douche, but overall, he was a good guy, and he loved Stella.  It was a good read.

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