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Book Review – All of You by Gina Sorelle

Brilliant geneticist Kat Ciaramitaro is, and always has been, a bit of a nerd. She’s also the only level-headed member of a big Italian family where crazy reigns supreme. A life-altering medical diagnosis seven years ago changed a lot of things, but most days, Kat handles the emotional and physical baggage just fine. Because that’s what strong women do, right? They stand and they deal. Or, if they can’t stand, they sit and they deal.

Cleveland Police Officer Danny MacDonough is broken. Eighteen years of being passed from foster home to foster home left him feeling unwanted and totally unlovable, but Danny’s spent every moment since his eighteenth birthday making up for lost time, grabbing happiness wherever he can, with whomever he can, however he can…all while making sure no one gets close enough to see all the cracks in his well-honed façade.

When Kat’s sister married Danny’s best friend, their lives became forever intertwined. Despite their different backgrounds and polar opposite personalities, Danny and Kat formed a visceral connection the moment they met. They fought it with all they had, but one fateful night changes everything – thrusting them into an all-consuming, passionate relationship that threatens to tear down the walls they’ve so carefully constructed around their hearts.

But Kat is ill and Danny is wounded. And nothing about what’s developed between them is easy or neat. Their love is messy and chaotic and its intensity ultimately forces them into one final showdown where Danny and Kat must decide once and for all what will win–

His past, her future or their love?

2 1/2 stars

Oh, Danny MacDonough.  I swoon for you.

I loved Danny.  SO much.  He was a very broken man, having grown up with a terrible secret and being shuffled from foster home to foster home.  Kat is Stella from book 1’s sister, and not nearly as likable as Stella. 

Kat has a disease.  A disease many people have and can live with for a long time.  She has decided at the ripe old age of 28 that she is going to spend her life alone, because she doesn’t want her disease to be a burden for anyone else.  That PISSED me off.  One of friends has the disease Kat had, and has lead a perfectly normal life.  It made Kat really unlikable.

Danny, on the other hand, feels he will be alone due to the fact that he uses booze and sex as a coping mechanism.  He is instantly attracted to Kat, and she to him, but Kat acts like a bitch and has him pegged – at least in her judgy mind.  Sadly, she has him pegged all wrong.  When she finally opens up to Danny, she realizes what a great guy he is.

The romance in this book moves at lightning speed – dropping the L word after barely any time at all.  Made the story less believable.  Kat also was tough to swallow.  Her constant self pity and negative attitude were a turn off.  Luckily, Danny was likable enough to get me through this.  I would recommend reading just because of Danny – and maybe you’ll like Kat, she just did not appeal to me.  I hope the next book is about Fi and Dr. Ben:)

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