Serial Spinoff Summary – June 9, 2015

This week’s Serial Spin-offs were both incredible episodes!  Let’s start with Serial Dynasty.

Bob started the podcast with thoughts about Hae.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the real victim in this crime is Hae Min Lee.  While her family believes (though maybe not now) that the right person is in prison for her murder, the evidence is suggesting that her murderer is still out there, and that’s very sad.
What I love about Bob and his podcast is that Bob really wants to solve Hae’s murder – not just free Adnan, which is what will likely happen someday.  He’s very passionate about his quest and I respect him for it.
This week’s SD focused on “The Suspects.”
Bob mentioned that he has listeners digging into Kevin Urick’s workload around the time of Hae’s murder.  Despite NO physical evidence pointing to Adnan, he was eventually convicted by the testimony of Jay, who was a known drug dealer (and possibly CI).  Bob offered a theory of why Adnan asked Hae for the infamous ride on January 13 and looked at an aerial map of Woodlawn high school.  The location of track practice was a good distance from the school, and offered no parking options.  Hae could have just dropped him off and went to get her cousin.
I’ve believed from the beginning that Adnan is innocent.  Nothing has changed.
Serial Killers
Roy Davis was the man convicted of killing Woodlawn student Jada Lambert months before Hae died.  Roy Davis also had a marijuana conviction under his belt, which could link him to Jay.  Davis was older, and could conceivably have been drinking from the brandy bottle.  Ronald Lee Moore was another man convicted of murder around the time of Hae’s death.  It’s possible they could be involved, but not likely.
Mr. S.
I’ve always found Mr. S. sketchy.  Mr. S. took a polygraph about Hae’s disappearance and failed, and later took another with specific questions about manner of death, in which he passed.  Bob had a theory that because Mr. S. was a streaker, he could have frequented the porn store where Jay worked, overheard something and went to investigate.  Mr. S’s story about having to pee and walking 127 feet just doesn’t make much sense.
A little self-promotion here:  the email Bob read regarding Don’s feelings about Hae was written by me based on a theory my sister came up with.  Bob read the email in its entirety, which was very cool for my sister and me – so thanks.
Oh Don.  Don, as you’ll recall, is Hae’s boyfriend at the time of her disappearance.  Don and Hae had been dating for 14 days on January 13, 1999.  My email theorized that it seemed odd for Don to tell Sarah Koenig in Serial Episode 12 that “he loved Hae, he still loves Hae.  That doesn’t go away.”  Yet, Susan read in the police notes that “Don didn’t seem to be as into the relationship as Hae.”  I can tell you, and I wrote this in the email, that I dated a guy (ironically named Don) for three and a half years 20 years ago, and was engaged to be married to him.  I feel nothing for him today.  I wouldn’t ever say I still love him.  And we dated for YEARS.  Odd comment.  There is also not a link between Don and Jay that we know of. 
Last but certainly not least on the list of suspects is Jay.  Jay is the least credible witness I’ve heard about in this case.  His story changes repeatedly.  He apologizes constantly.  He and Jenn can’t seem to keep their stories straight and quite frankly, they act like people who are guilty.
One emailer theorized that “whoever smelt it, dealt it.”  It makes sense.  Jay is the logical candidate, given his criminal history, his repeated lies in court and to the police and the fact that he has changed his story more times than imaginable.
I’m not going to spoil Bob’s “Holy Shit” theory, which is presented with incredible detail and in a manner that is completely believable, but you should listen for yourself.  I will tell you I agree with Bob’s theory and have for some time.  It makes total sense and matches the cell phone records, but that is all I will say.  Do yourself a favor and listen!!! You too will be saying “Holy Shit” once you have.
Great episode Bob!  Please, please keep them coming.
This weeks’ episode of Undisclosed was titled “Autoptes”, which is the greek word for Autopsy.  Rabia, Susan and Colin discussed the details about Hae’s autopsy, and also about the discovery of her car, which was supposedly found by Jay leading the police to it (I don’t believe that).  According to Rabia, there are two crime scenes – the burial site and Hae’s car.  The hosts set out to prove whether the autopsy report and findings from Hae’s car match up to Jay’s story and that of Urick.  I think you can guess the answer.
Let’s start with Hae’s car.  Hae’s car was found on February 28, 1999 behind a house in a neighborhood.  Susan pointed out that while Hae’s car was supposed to be in this spot for 6 weeks, during which there were snow and ice storms, Hae’s car was in remarkably clean shape.  Susan also noted that the grass under Hae’s car was green and that grass in the wheel base on Hae’s car was green.  Inconsistent with it being in the same place, and outdoors, for 6 weeks.  Worth noting is the police never questioned any of the neighbors about the car, how long it had been there, nothing.  Another dead end.  There were also no soil samples taken from the scene, nor was it noted anywhere details about that car like the position the seat was in, how much gas was in the tank.
This leads to a big lie that was told at the trial – Kevin Urick told the jury in his closing argument that ALL of the fingerprints found in Hae’s car belonged to Adnan.  This is a lie.  Yes, Adnan’s fingerprints were in the car.  He dated Hae, and it was pointed out that Hae’s car was very messy and she seemed to use it as a locker.  So it makes sense that Adnan’s fingerprints would be there.  But there were also other fingerprints found in the car that did not match Adnan’s, but this was never brought up at trial.
Also worth pointing out are the details Jay knew about the contents of Hae’s car in his second interview compared to his first.  Remember, the police had the car in their custody for two weeks at that point, so they could have told Jay the contents.  Fishy.  Another point about Hae’s car – it was stated that Hae’s athletic equipment was moved from her trunk to her back seat, to facilitate stuffing her in the trunk. When her car was found, however, the athletic equipment, along with her purse (which Jay had told the officers that Adnan had taken) and her nylon jacket (that Jay told police Adnan had tossed in the wood) were there.  Proving yet another Jay lie.
The biggest blow to the state’s case came when Colin spoke to Dr. Leige Hlavaty, the Chief Medical Examiner in Wayne County Michigan.  Colin asked Dr. Hlavaty to examine the autopsy report to see if it matched the states theory.  It did not.  Here’s how:
The livor mortis in Hae’s body indicated that after she was murdered, she was laid face down for 8-12 hours.  Her liver mortis is all in her front, not on her right side.  The coroner also explained that Hae had two hemorrhages on her right side, which likely rendered her unconscious. Susan stated she found it odd that Hae didn’t fight back – this would explain why.  Dr. Hlavaty also stated that Hae’s strangulation likely took 5-6 minutes, not the 10 seconds the state noted.
What does this tell us?  Well, for one, it tells us that Jay’s story is complete and utter bullshit.  The “trunk pop” never happened, neither at Best Buy or his grandma’s house.  Hae was likely buried around 10:30 that evening – when we know Adnan was home (the cell records prove it).  We also know that Don was not reachable between 10 pm and 1:30 am, at which time he was supposed to have a date with Hae.  We know that the detectives did a terrible job investigating the crime scenes, and we also believe now that Hae was not killed in her car.  She was killed somewhere else, left face down for 8 hours or so then buried in Leakin Park.  It’s also highly likely her car was stored somewhere indoors until around the time it was found.
I’m still blown away that all of this evidence has been pieced together by lawyers and was totally overlooked or ignored by the trained and highly skilled detectives and prosecutor in this case.  It also means that Hae killer is still out there, and that is sad.  Hae deserves justice.  Hae’s family deserves justice.  And Adnan deserves the life that has been ripped away from him for a crime he so clearly did not commit.
Thanks to Rabia, Susan and Colin for another amazing episode.  Please keep them coming.
#FreeAdnan #JusticeForHae

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