Serial Spinoff Summary – June 16, 2015

What an episode of Undisclosed!  Oh my god.

I’m not really going to spend any time talking about Serial Dynasty.  This week’s episode was a listener call in show.  Interesting concept, and interesting to hear from Adnan’s friend Omar.  I will say the first caller annoyed me – the one who wanted to know about the rumor from Serial.  Why ask Bob?  Sarah never told us.  Kind of a waste of time, but I digress (this is nothing against Bob).  Now, onto Undisclosed.

This week’s addendum was stunning.  Following up on last week’s equally stunning episode, this episode started with Susan uncovering an interesting piece of evidence – the fact that on February 4, 1999, two separate plate checks were run on Hae’s car – by two separate officers – two miles away from where her car was eventually found by the police, after being led there by Jay.  Sadly, these hits did not lead police to realize the car was being sought in a homicide investigation.  What does this mean?  To me, it means that Hae’s car was not originally left were Jay and the cops found it.  I believe that the cops moved the car to its final “resting” place, where it was eventually found by Jay.  This screams more corruption and has me more pissed off at the Baltimore police then ever.  Another dead end, but leaves more questions.

There was more discussion about Hae’s car – discussion about the fact that her ignition collar was missing, which would indicate that her car was being “hotwired”; there was also talk about what was found in Hae’s car – and what wasn’t.  Hae’s keys were not found, but one couldn’t open the trunk of Hae’s car without the keys.  There was no lever in the car to open the trunk.  There was also discussion about how all of the items found in Hae’s car were not itemized – including Hae’s purse – which you’ll remember Jay claims Adnan tossed into the woods after the murder.  There were also prints in the car that weren’t analyzed – specifically, the prints on the rearview mirror, which likely would have been moved if the car was driven by the killer.  Also curious is that MacGillivary ordered Adnan’s car not be tested for prints.

Jay’s Intercept interview was discussed, and it seems to me that Jay was trying to cover up lies he told 16 years ago.  I’m sure Jay is worried – he went from having this behind him to being the person millions of people believe to have played a bigger role in Hae’s murder.  He has a family and is likely trying to protect them.  I suspect Jay just can’t keep track of all his lies.

What’s most intriguing, and was a god damned cliff hanger, is that the DEA was involved in the investigation.  Why?  Was Hae a drug user?  Does this have something to do with Jay and the talk that his family was possibly involved in drugs?  I have so many more questions and a week until we know more!!!

One last thing, Rabia had a new post on her blog about Leakin Park.  Rabia walked to the log where Hae’s body was found.  Sadly, where she originally thought to have been found was not the right spot – and it appears that there was a natural depression in the ground that would indicate her body was just dumped – and not buried.  Worth reading.

Undisclosed has done in a short time what trained detectives and prosecutors could not do.  The depth of corruption and cover ups by the Baltimore City and County police is despicable.  Yet with all this unearthed, Adnan still sits in prison for a murder he so clearly did not commit.

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