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TV is Back – And I Couldn’t Be Happier!!!

I LOVE TV.  LOVE.  With the dawn of Netflix, Hulu and other streaming options, you have TV in the palm of your hand, at all times.  And I couldn’t be happier.  Almost all of my shows have premiered, and I’m going to write how I feel about each so far, in order by day, starting with Sunday.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

While I loved the second season of BNN, I haven’t been real pleased with the way the third season has started.  They brought in Bill Hader as the new Captain, then killed him off.  Now that Peralta and Santiago are dating, it’s super awkward.  Thankfully, Gina is still on the show – she is by far the funniest character.  I hope that this isn’t a theme for the whole season.  Not too happy with the way it’s started so far.  Grade:  C

The Last Man on Earth

LMOE is off to, in my opinion, a horrible start.  Carol and Phil are on their own now, and Carol misses the “cul-de-sac” gang; one problem – they HATE Phil.  There have been virtually no laughs so far this season, and I’m finding myself utterly annoyed.  Giving it a few more weeks, then I may pull the plug.  Grade:  D


The Big Bang Theory

One of my very favorite shows.  Last season left us with a HUGE cliffhanger when Sheldon revealed he had a ring for Amy.  Amy has broken up with Sheldon, and he is, of course, not dealing with it very well.  Penny and Sheldon make it to Vegas, but their marriage isn’t off to the greatest start.  This past episode, in which the guys “kidnap” Leonard for a bachelor party is one of the funniest episodes that has aired in a few years.  Grade:  A-


Another show in its sophomore season is Gotham, the “prequel” to Batman.  Gotham has become very dark in its first few episodes, but in a good way.  The casting of the Joker was impeccable.  The show is a little bloodier than it was last year, but it is off to a good start.  Grade:  A-


The Flash

So The Flash just premiered yesterday, but it was a GREAT episode.  The premiere picks up six months after the first season, where Barry saved Central City from the singularity.  Barry is pretty down in the dumps because of how things turned out, and he’s gone rogue.  Very emotional episode and off to a good start for its sophomore season!!  Grade:  A

Fresh Off the Boat

Also a sophomore, FOTB is about the Huang family, who move from DC to Orlando in the mid-90s.  To me, this show is like the “Asian Goldberg’s” but it is so funny.  The mom is a riot and the kids make for some great TV.  Some of the episodes aren’t great, but for the most part, this is a solid show.  Grade:  B

The Grinder

We are two episodes in to Rob Lowe’s new show, The Grinder.  Rob plays Dean Sanderson, an actor who just ended an 8-year stint as TV’s the Grinder (an attorney).  He returns home to Idaho, where his brother (Fred Savage) and father (William Devane) are actual lawyers, and Lowe tries to use his “tv legal knowledge” in the real world.  Pretty funny so far.  Grade:  B


I’ve watched both episodes of Grandfathered, and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it.  John Stamos’s character is that of a lifelong bachelor who finds out he is a father and a grandfather at the same time.  Josh Peck plays his son and their on-screen chemistry is eh.  I will give it a few more episodes before I decide, so I’m not grading it now.


The Goldberg’s

Set in 1980 something (they are real loosey-gosey with actual time {eg Milli Vanilli, which was ’89 but shown with things that happened much earlier in the 80s}), the Goldberg’s is the story of a family in Philadelphia with an extremely over-bearing mother, pant-dropping as soon as he gets in the door father and three kids.  Add in “Pops” and this show is truly quite hilarious.  It is a little over the top sometimes, but it has a good message while being really funny.  Grade:  B

Modern Family

Modern Family is just as funny as it was in season 1, if not funnier.  Love this show.  Grade: B

I stopped watching the Middle after last week’s episode.  To be honest, the show has been wearing on me for a while now, and last week’s episode was the icing on the cake.  I also watch Arrow, but that has not premiered yet.


The Blacklist

One of the best dramas on TV is the Blacklist.  Why?  Easy.  James Spader.  James Spader is such an amazing actor, and even though he plays a really bad guy, you love him nonetheless.  Add that to his characters complete and utter devotion to Keen, and some amazing action, it’s a great show.  I will admit you have to suspend reality a lot with this show.  Grade:  B+

How to Get Away with Murder

This Shonda Rhimes creation is just as over the top as her other’s, if not more.  Viola Davis stars as Annalise Keating, a ruthless defense attorney and professor of law who takes 5 students to work with her.  Drama, murder and mayhem ensue, but this show has a really strong cast.  First two episodes of this year, are in my opinion, way over the top.  Grade:  C

What to you watch?  I’ve heard good things about Blindspot and Life in Pieces but haven’t picked those up yet.

Happy TV watching!

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