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What happened to Last Man on Earth?


This is what my face looks like when watching this season of The Last Man on Earth.  What used to be a unique show with some oddball characters has become almost unbearable.

In case you didn’t watch last year, the premise is this – a strain of something has killed off humanity in the year 2023.  Phil Miller (played by Will Forte) thinks he is the last man on earth.  He travels the country, stealing priceless artifacts from museums and the White House.  He travels to Tucson and runs into Carol (played by Kristen Schaal) – the last woman on earth.  Or so they think.  Two more men and three more women appear.  Phil has married Carol because she refused to procreate with him unless they were married.  Then Melissa (played by January Jones) arrives; Phil wants her instead of Carol because she is a) hot and b) not annoying like Carol.  Anyway, the others show up, Phil tricks them and they all hate him and banish him.  Carol finds him and they leave town together.

Oh and yeah, we find out at the end of season 1 that Phil has a brother (played by Jason Sedakis) who is on the International Space Station – and alive.

So skip to season two, which is 6 months after season 1 ends.  Phil and Carol are on the east coast, chilling in the White House and other historical places.  Phil takes Carol to her childhood home.  We see Phil’s brother in space (only in the first episode).  I’ll admit the season premiere wasn’t awful.

Cue to episode 2.  Phil loses Carol somewhere in Oklahoma and goes back to Tucson, thinking that’s where she went.  Truth is, she never left where Phil left her.  She was waiting for Phil to come back for her; Phil can’t remember where she is.  So he sends a train (yeah, because all trains lead to Oklahoma) saying he is in Tucson.  Carol drives to Tucson and they go back to Carol’s house (a mansion she took over) and find out that the “gang” has gone to Malibu.

This is where the show went south for me.  I’m sorry, but this show has lost its charm.  Phil was kind of a tool before, but now he’s a complete and total douchebag.  I have lost a lot of respect for Carol for staying with him.  And Phil’s brother – yeah, they have not gone back to that storyline at all.

I’m giving this show one or two more episodes tops before I call it quits.

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