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Are you watching Blindspot? You should be, and here’s why

Have you been watching Blindspot, which airs Monday at 9 pm central on NBC?blindspot

If you have not started watching this exciting show, you should.  And here is why.

First, a little bit about the show.

The show begins in an empty Times Square, where a bag has been discovered.  A hazmat team comes to the scene, and it’s discovered that inside the bag, is a woman, whose entire body is covered in tattoos. There is a note on the bag that says “Call the FBI” and Jane Doe (played by Jaimie Alexander) has the name of Kurt Weller, FBI agent (played by the hunky Sullivan Stapleton) tattooed on her back.  Jane has no idea who she is or why she was in Times Square – or why her body is covered in tattoos.  It turns out that the tattoos on Jane’s body are clues – to crimes that have yet to happen.  Now, here is why you should watch

  • The storylines.  This show is a great mystery.  There is a great ensemble cast (which includes the cute little girl from Growing Pains, all grown up).  Weller works with his team, which includes Patterson, who reminds me of the dark haired chick from NCIS – who stays in the “lab” and figures things out for those in the field. Weller’s team is not so welcoming of Jane, who Weller brings with into the field because the tattoos are on her (and because Jane is a tough chick who won’t sit back).  Jane has to prove herself to the team.  While in the field, it becomes apparent that Jane has some intense training with guns and fighting; adding to the mystery.  Trying to figure out who Jane is, and why Weller’s name is tattooed on her back is exciting to watch.  Which leads to….
  • The chemistry between Jane and Weller.  There is obviously a connection between Jane and Weller.  Kurt thinks Jane is his neighbor, who went missing 25 years ago.  He can’t prove it, but has been working with his team to figure out who Jane is.  Jane is alone, doesn’t know who she is, and she instantly trusts Weller.  I really hope that they don’t turn their relationship into one that is more than platonic, but their chemistry is what made me fall in love with this show.

There are only 4 episodes so far, so it’s a good time to check this show out.  You can watch it on the Hulu or on the NBC app (or website).  I would highly recommend watching.  It’s that good.

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