Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday – Top 10 Books I read in 2015

While I normally read well over 100 books in one year, this year, thanks to my new infatuation with podcasts, I only read 75 this year.  Here are the best books I read this year.

  1. The Infamous Ellen James by N.A. Alcorn.  This was the funniest book I read this year, and in a long time.
  2. Sometimes Moments by Len Webster.  This book gutted me.  I would highly recommend not reading the end while in public.  You’ll be a blubbering mess.
  3. Lev by Belle Aurora.  Belle Aurora is one of my favorite authors, and this “cousin” book to the Friend-Zoned series was a fresh work.
  4. Overflow by Brynne Asher.  I waited FOREVER to read this book (and series) and I loved every minute of it.  Great romantic suspense.
  5. Pucked by Helena Hunting.  A rom-com about a hockey hunk?  Sign me up.  This book was funny and heartwarming.
  6. Sincerely, Carter by Whitney G.  I was hesitant to read this because I’d just read Mid-Life Love, which I hated, but this “friends to lovers” story was really great.
  7. Truth or Beard by Penny Reid.  This mistaken identity story of twin brothers was quite funny.
  8. Ignite by Tessa Teevan.  This was a great second chance love story about a hot soldier started an amazing series.
  9. Easy Love by Kristen Proby.  I LOVE Kristen Proby.  She’s my new go-to author, and this series, set in New Orleans, doesn’t disappoint.
  10. Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez.  This was a really great story, and you often forget how old the characters are.  I would highly recommend this one.

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