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Top Ten Tuesday – My Top 10 Favorite Characters on Downton Abbey

For the past two weeks, I’ve been obsessed with Downton Abbey.  Obsessed.  I’ve watched pretty much nothing else.  Haven’t read a book.  I LOVE this show.  Here are my favorite characters, in descending order.

10.  Isobel Crowley – Matthew’s mother, Isobel is a distant cousin of the Crowley’s and quite liberal in her thinking, for her time.  Her husband was a doctor and she is a trained nurse, and the banter between Isobel and Dowager Countess is quite frankly the best part of the show.  She’s a real feminist, a real oddity back in those days.

isobel crawley

9. Isis – Lord Grantham’s dog is often times treated better than the humans who live in the house – and he is a lab.  I find his name quite ironic, but love that they have a dog who is shown such compassion.


8.  Matthew Crawley – Matthew Crawley was not only a “stone cold fox” but he was also one of the nicest people on this entire show.  He didn’t buy into the whole tradition of the time, choosing to dress himself.  Matthew was so in love with Mary and treated her like a queen.  He was great and I miss him terribly.

matthew crawley

7.  Tom Branson – Tom came to the Abbey as a chauffeur and fell in love with Lady Sybill.  They fell in love and married, and had a daughter.  Tom is an Irish man, and a “socialist”.  Tom didn’t agree with the Crawley family on most issues and always felt like an outsider, but he was a really good guy and loved Sybill very much.


6.  Mrs. Patmore – Mrs. Patmore is the head cook at Downton Abbey and a real mother hen to the other kitchen workers.  She has great wit and is quite funny, and really looks out for Daisy, to the point of being more of a mother.

mrs. patmore

5.  Mrs. Hughes – Mrs. Hughes is the head housekeeper and overseer of the lady servants and employees.  She is fiercely protective of her staff.  She goes to great lengths to protect them, and is a really sweet person, despite how she seems.

mrs. hughes

4.  Anna – Anna starts off as a housemaid, and eventually gets promoted to Ladies Maid, serving Lady Mary.  From the beginning, she becomes enamored of the much older Mr. Bates, despite his being married.  She and Mr. Bates end up married and very happy.


3.  Daisy – Daisy starts as a kitchen assistant and works her way up to Assistant Cook to Mrs. Patmore.  Daisy foolishly falls for Thomas, while poor William is in love with her.  She marries William on his death bed and William’s father takes Daisy under his wing.  Daisy is a hard worker and wants to improve herself throughout the entire series.


2.  Sybill – Sybill is the youngest of the Crawley girls (and the most likable).  Sybill wanted to make something of herself, becoming a nurse.  She wasn’t afraid to stand up for how she felt, and she was very compassionate.  I miss her.


  1. Dowager Countess – The matriarch of the Crawley family is one of the funniest characters of all time.  Her quick wit and sharp tongue earn many laughs each episode.  She is very protective of her family and a loving Granny.


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