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Modern Family – “Express Yourself”

See a preview of the episode here.

Modern Family has long been one of my favorite shows. What’s amazing to me is that in it’s 7th (yes, 7th) season, the shows just manages to get funnier.  The writing on this show is brilliant, and the actors deliver their lines with such perfection, it’s hard not to laugh.

Last night’s episode, titled Express Yourself, was especially funny.  Jay, now retired, is having a hard time with retirement.  Jay likes being in charge and being able to help people, which he is not able to do in retirement.  Claire, now having taken over the responsibilities from her dad, is exhausted from working so hard.  Cam’s sister, Pameron, has been staying with Cam and Mitchell after having been left by her husband, and she’s having hard time dealing with the fact that he’s left.

Meanwhile, Andy and Haley decide to go a bender, because Andy thinks that Haley will get bored with him if he doesn’t let Wild Haley out sometimes. They go to a western bar (where Andy rides a mechanical bull, which was hysterical) and end up in Vegas.

Phil gets an alert on a great travel deal to Paris with Claire, but they would have to leave first thing in the morning for their flight. They decide to stay up all night so they can sleep on the airplane, which leads to some funny moments between them (and a mattress that has been flown away).  Luke’s away (and doesn’t make one appearance in this episode) and Haley’s out with Andy, and Alex is certainly capable of taking care of herself.  So they decide to go for it.

In the funniest sequence of the whole episode, Jay is remodeling his master bathroom and he, Gloria and Manny are now sharing Manny’s bathroom. Gloria sees Jay’s progress and freaks out.  Jay has lain down fresh tar to reset the shower he’s going to put in.  Manny tells Gloria that’s he’s accidentally taken a birth control pill, and Gloria tells him it’s fine because she won’t be needing one tonight.  Funny moment.  Jay goes to sleep on the couch because Gloria is angry with him, and he can’t sleep.  He gets an email from Mitchell, and calls him, only to find out Mitchell is at a diner.  Jay tells him he will meet him there.

Mitchell is at the diner because both Cam and Pam have allergy-induced sleep apnea and are hooked up to loud machines. Jay tries to help Mitchell with his problem, and suggests they go to a karaoke room.  He talks Mitchell into singing “Express Yourself” by Madonna, which ended up being hilarious, given Mitchell’s dancing.

While Jay is out doing karaoke, Gloria hears Joe yelling. She realizes he’s not yelling from his bedroom, and finds him in the master bathroom, laying in the tar and stuck.  Gloria and Manny have to get Joe out of the tar, which he is covered in.  Pulling him out of the tar left a body shape, so she and Manny try to even out the tar.  They use a tool to smooth the tar out, which gets stuck.  When they pull on the tool, it ends up breaking and causing a huge leak from the faucet.

In the meantime, Claire and Phil are trying to stay awake, and are struggling with it. They try coffee, yoga, and Claire keeps scaring Phil.  They eventually decide to go out for a bit to eat.  Claire falls asleep on the check.  Andy and Haley end up in Vegas and Andy makes a bet at a roulette table, thinking he was betting single dollars (he was betting hundreds).

The funniest moments of this episode were Joe getting stuck in the tar and Mitchell’s performance of “Express Yourself”. What’s also funny is that Claire, Phil, Mitchell, Jay, Haley and Andy all end up at the same diner at some point.  If you haven’t watched is episode yet, I highly recommend it.

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