Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday – My 10 Favorite American Idol Contestants

As American Idol prepares to go off the air after 15 seasons, I thought I would dedicate my Top 10 Tuesday to my favorite Idol contestants.  I’ll warn you now, I’m a little biased toward the men (I don’t know why), but a few worthy ladies made my list.  I’ve watched American Idol since Season 2 and it’s always been a staple in our house.  I can honestly tell you I will miss this show.

Here are my Top 10 Favorite American Idol Contestants from 10 to 1.

La’Porsha Renae

Season 15, Finished TBD

La’Porsha can sing.  I mean she can SING.  This woman has such an amazing voice, and she has overcome a lot to get where she is (she was married to a man who was violent with her, and found the courage to leave).  This season’s Top 3 is probably the most vocally talented Top 3 Idol has ever had.  No matter who wins, La’Porsha will be a star.

laporsha renae

Nick Fradiani

Season 14 Winner

Nick was a very humble guy who could sing, and sing very well.  He also had a very close relationship with his dad, which was highlighted during the entire season.  Both Nick and Clarke were very good singers, and honestly, either one of them could have won.  But Nick did and his song “Beautiful Life” is currently rocking on my iPod.

nick fradiani

Melinda Dolittle

Season 6, Finished 3rd

Melinda was one of the oldest contestants in Idol history at that point, so she stood out a bit because of that.  But it was her voice that made her memorable, and her humbleness.  She was a very likable contestant and a great singer.

melinda dolittle

Kellie Pickler

Season 5, Finished 6th

Who didn’t love fresh faced Kellie Pickler, the young girl who was a roller skating waitress to a single parent in North Carolina?  This girl oozed personality.  She wasn’t the most fantastic singer, but she made herself a memorable contestant.

kellie pickler

Danny Gokey

Season 8, Finished 3rd

Danny had a very memorable story, losing his young wife under 30, which made audiences (me included) very sympathetic to him.  He the guy has a fantastic voice, and I was firmly on his side. I wasn’t surprised by his 3rd place finish, but that was a tough season.

danny gokey

James Durbin

Season 10, Finished 4th

This hard rocker was one of my favorites.  James has Tourette’s syndrome and Asperger’s, yet, he was one of the best singers in Season 10.  He finished 4th sadly, but he was one of the better singers that year.

james durbin

Clarke Beckham

Season 14 Runner-Up

I LOVED Clarke.  Loved him.  He was a very sweet guy, but also a fantastic singer who used so much emotion in every song he sang.

clarke beckham

David Cook

Season 7 Winner

I’ll never forget where I was for this season finale – in New York on business and I wanted David Cook to win and my co-worker wanted David Archuleta to win.  I honestly think David Cook was the better singer, and I have a few of his songs on my phone.

david cook

Adam Lambert

Season 8 Runner-Up

I will tell you right now that Adam Lambert should have won Season 8.  He was and is to this day a better singer and performer than Kris Allen.  The only reason he didn’t win was because the judges gushed over him.  Every Idol performance was fantastic and his vocals were off the charts.  He absolutely should have won that season, but is very successful now, performing with the band Queen.

adam lambert

And my favorite Idol contestant…..

Chris Daughtry

Season 5, Finished 4th

I will never forget the look on Daughtry’s face when Ryan Seacrest told him he was going home.  It was pretty much the same reaction that most of America had.  Daughtry was the BEST singer of that bunch, way better than Taylor Hicks (ew), Katherine McPhee and Elliott Yamin.  You never even hear about Taylor or Elliott anymore, and Katherine is an actress.  Daughtry’s enormous success only slightly makes up for the fact that he lost.  America got that vote wrong.


Who was/is your favorite American Idol?

Happy Tuesday!


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