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Top Ten Tuesday – Top 10 Favorite Network TV Shows

I normally do a Top Ten Tuesday about books, but I couldn’t relate to this week’s topic, so I’m doing my own TTT.

As we wind up another television season (cue tears), I thought I’d do a wrap-up of my Top 10 favorite network television shows.  I’m not including anything from cable, Netflix or Amazon – that will be a separate list.  This is strictly shows on network TV.  Here’s my list.

1. The Big Bang Theory (CBS).  This comedy, following the lives of four “nerds” and their love interests, has been a constant in our house for years.  Yes, this is a comedy, but there has a been a ton of character development on this show (most notably, Sheldon Cooper going from robot to actual human).  The gags are funny, and the writing is incredible.  My favorite show hands down.

big bang

2.  Modern Family (ABC).  Modern Family is wrapping up its seventh season, and it’s still as funny as it was in its first season.  The children on this show (Lily, in particular) provide lots of laughs, but the writing is top notch.modern family

3.  The Goldberg’s (ABC).  In its 3rd season, this shows continues to get better.  There were two episodes this year that had me dying, the Thanksgiving episode and the episode where Erica does the Dirty Dancing dance at the end.  The mother on this show is a little over the top, but the two younger males make up for it.


4.  Blindspot (NBC).  My favorite drama by far, Blindspot is the story of Jane Doe, a woman who is discovered naked and covered in tattoos in Times Square.  The tattoos on her body help the FBI solve crimes.  The chemistry between the two main characters is incredible, and the show is heavy on the action.


5.  The Flash (The CW).  Finishing off it’s sophomore season on a high is the Flash, which is by far the best superhero show on network TV.  The cast is great, and the writing is top notch.  You should start from the beginning, but this show is worth watching.

the flash

6.  Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox).  This true ensemble cast finished its third season better than ever.  I was afraid that when Jake and Amy started dating it would ruin the show, but that hasn’t happened – in fact, they don’t really even focus on their relationship, which is great.  This is a funny show, and I would highly recommend it.brooklyn 99

7.  The Grinder (Fox).  I’m still really pissed at Fox for cancelling this incredibly funny, well acted show.  The Grinder never took itself seriously, and the two kids on the show were the best part.  Maybe someone else will pick it up (hint, hint Hulu).


8.  Fresh off the Boat (ABC).  This show, loosely based on the life of Eddie Huang, is the story of a Chinese family who moves to Orlando from DC in 1995 and how they struggle to fit in.  The kids on this show are incredibly funny – especially the younger two, and this show doesn’t take itself seriously.  I’d recommend.

fresh off the boat

9.  American Idol (Fox).  Sadly, American Idol is over, but it was one of my favorite shows for 14 years.  The show finally got it right the last few seasons, finding the best judges the show ever had, and producing some top notch talent.  I will miss this show.


10.  New Girl (Fox).  New Girl’s season 5 started off really slow, as Zoey Deschanel was on maternity leave and they brought in Meghan Fox as a replacement (which was a bad idea).  Halfway through, the show found it’s groove and ended on a very high note, with Schmidt and CeCe’s wedding.  Can’t wait to see what season 6 holds.

What were your favorite shows on network TV?

Happy watching.



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