TV Reviews

It’s Season Premiere Week!!!!

It is my favorite week of the TV year – season premiere week!!!  Here are the shows I’m excited about!!


The Big Bang Theory

This is my favorite comedy.  I love this show and all the characters!  Excited to see what happens when Penny’s family is introduced.


Brooklyn Nine Nine

This ensemble comedy is quite hilarious.  Everyone is funny.  Highly recommend.

New Girl

Last season was so much better than the season before, and I have high hopes for this season, now that CeCe and Schmidt are married.



Premiered last week, but I haven’t watched yet.  I love this show.  Great cast.

The Goldberg’s

This show is hilarious.  Set in the 80’s, it’s a family show but pays homage to the 80’s every week.  Love it.

Modern Family

A staple.  This show has managed to get funnier over it’s run.  A must watch.


How to Get Away with Murder

This is a great show.  Very action packed with a lot of mystery.

Shows that premiere later

The Flash.  One of my very favorite shows.

Supergirl.  Another great superhero show.

Fresh off the Boat.  A funny family show set in the 90’s.

The only new show I’m slightly interested in is the Designated Survivor with Kiefer Sutherland.

What shows are you excited about?

Happy watching.

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