TV Reviews

This is Us – NBC

Everyone, including my mother, has been talking about This is Us, the new dramedy on NBC.  So I had to check it out.  Two episodes in and I’m hooked.

This is Us is the story of the Pearson family.  In 1980, Jack Pearson and his wife Rebecca gave birth to triplets – two survived, Kevin and Kate.  The same day, an African American baby, who they named Randall,  was left at a fire station and was later adopted by the Pearsons.  Flash forward 36 years – Kevin is a TV star, Randall is a successful business man and Kate – well, Kate has some problems with her self image.  Kate is obese, but is trying to lose some weight.

The story goes from past to present a lot, which can be a little confusing, so you have to pay attention.  It’s a great cast – I especially like Kate’s friend Toby; he’s really funny.  I can’t say too much else without giving away spoilers but this show is worth watching.  It’s available for streaming on Hulu.


Happy watching.


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