Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke & The Bookish Blog.  Each week they present a topic for discussion.

This week’s topic:  Ten Characters I’d Name A Child or Dog.

 What I would name children (if I had a different last name or was having more kids):


MargaretAre You There God, It’s Me, Margaret? by Judy Blume.   A great, traditional Irish name that I love.

EdwardThe Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer.  Another traditional name, and also my grandfather’s name.

GabrielleOverflow by Brynne Asher.  A traditional Italian name I love, but I have a ten letter last name, so….

Jason To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise.  I have always loved the name Jason.  I named my egg in high school Jason.  Just doesn’t sound good with my last name:(

JackBody Movers by Stephanie Bond.  Jack is a classically simple name.

What I would name dogs:


AxelAxel by Harper Sloan (or Axel by Megan O’Brien).  I don’t like the name for people, but it would be a great name for a big dog.

IzzyThe Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz.  Izzy would be a great name for a lab, or any dog really.

Sam Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.  A classic name, and I’ve known many dogs named Sam.  More for a  girl dog, but still a great dog name.

IndyRock Chick by Kristen Ashley.   My cousin’s dog is named Indy (short for Indiana Jones though) but it’s a great name.

MarleyMarley & Me by John Grogan.  The ultimate bad dog name.

What names are on your list?


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