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This is Us Episode 6 – Career Day

ALERT – If you’re reading this – I’m assuming that you’ve watched the episode and love this show as much as me.  If you haven’t watched, this will contain spoilers.  You’ve been warned.

TV Guide synopsis:   Kate interviews for a new job; Randall doubts his career path; Kevin and Olivia’s relationship moves in a different direction; Rebecca and Jack are conflicted on what to do when Randall tests as a gifted child.

God, how does this show just keep getting better?  Whoever is writing this show deserves an Emmy, a Golden Globe and any other awards that exist for TV writing.  This show is just brilliant.

Anyway, here are my thoughts.

The Past – Jack & Rebecca

It’s report card day and the Principal wants to see Jack and Rebecca to talk about Randall.  Randall tested very high on a standardized test, but he gets B’s in class.  The Principal tells them they should consider sending Randall to a private school where he can excel.  Jack is instantly opposed to the idea.  Randall already goes to an almost all white school, and it would be the same at the new school.

At work (Jack is NOT a cop but a builder/architect), Miguel is given a promotion and offers to take Jack with him with a promotion for him as well.  Jack has been thinking about starting his own company, “Big Three Homes” (awwww).  Jack brings Randall into work with him and Randall can tell him off the cuff how many two-by-fours Jack would need on a wall.  Jack then confronts Randall on why he’s not performing so well in school, and Randall admits he doesn’t want to be better than Kate and Kevin and have them hate him.  That scene broke my heart.  Randall knows he is already different, but wants his siblings love.

Then Jack decides he needs to do right by Randall, and takes the promotion, putting his dreams aside so Randall can attend the private school.  Jack takes him the first day, and beams with pride as he watches Randall walk in.  It’s a beautiful scene, and I’m tearing up just thinking about it.  Jack is such an amazing dad.  He’s an amazing guy.  It makes knowing he’s gone so much harder to handle.  But the whole storyline was incredibly written and beautifully acted.


It’s career day at school and the girls have decided that they would like William to present, since he’s a musician and his job is interesting.  Randall says NO.  Then Kevin walks in the room and the girls want famous Uncle Kevin to come.  Again, Randall says NO.  He’s doing it and that’s final.

Why don’t the girls want him to present?  They don’t really understand what he does for a living.  Apparently he trades weather commodities (whatever that means).  Randall tells Beth later that maybe there is a musician/poet locked inside of him due to his DNA and tries to play the piano (with awful results).

At career day, Randall comes on stage and begins to sing a song (on piano) about his job, and it’s just awful.  The family is mortified.  But he gets through it.  The next morning, he announces that he likes his job, and puts on a tie because he wants to, and that his dad put on a tie because he had to.  Randall also announces that he’s taking piano lessons from a neighbor down the street and that a recital will be held in the spring.



Kate gets a job as a personal assistant to a woman named Marin, played by Jami Gertz.  Marin has an overweight teenage daughter, Gemma, who is quite frankly a real bitch.  Part of Kate’s job is going to be driving Gemma around.  Kate drives Gemma to a friends house, and Gemma is all but ignoring Kate and being rude.  The then tells Kate she was hired because she’s fat.  Kate then kicks her ass out of the car.  I was so proud of Kate for doing that!

Kate then confronts Marin and asked her if she was hired because she’s fat.  Marin admits that it was a factor in her hiring.  Kate gets her to agree that she won’t have to do anymore personal errands and Marin agrees.

Afterward, Kate goes outside to talk to Gemma, who is on her phone again.  Kate admits that growing up, she was resentful of her thin, beautiful mother and that their relationship is strained because of it.  Kate told Gemma to give Marin a break.

This is the first episode sans Toby.  It was nice to see Kate on her own.  I am kind of getting tired of the whole “fat Kate” thing.  Being fat doesn’t define Kate.  It would be nice if the writers focused more on Kate’s talents and less on her weight.

Sidebar – in the preview for next week, Kate shows up at Toby’s house and it appear that he has company.  If he is cheating on her, I will lose my shit.


Kevin is struggling to emote as his character in his play.  Olivia invites him to a party.  However, it’s not a party for a memorial service for a complete stranger.  Kevin is furious with Olivia, but ends up having a real moment with the widow, where he talks about losing his dad, and how for a month after he died, Kevin wouldn’t eat or get out of bed, and how he threw all his models away because he was so upset.

It was the first time we saw Kevin show any genuine emotion.  It was actually really nice to see him being a real person.  Olivia then slept with Kevin and told him it wouldn’t be happening again.  It was all to get him to emote.  And it worked.


Overall, this was another solid episode.  Jack was the standout to me this week.  His storyline with Randall was so beautiful.

What did you think?


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