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This Is Us Episode 7 Recap

ALERT – If you’re reading this – I’m assuming that you’ve watched the episode and love this show as much as me.  If you haven’t watched, this will contain spoilers.  You’ve been warned.

Episode synopsis:  William unexpectedly reveals a secret to Beth when they are together; Rebecca and Jack admit there’s a distance between them; Toby strays from his diet.

Ok, I was worried that Toby was cheating on Kate.  Thank god I was wrong.

Here’s my weekly recap.

The Past – Jack and Rebecca

It’s 1990 something, and the kids are in high school.  Kevin is the quarterback of the football team, and Randall plays defense for his school.  Kevin and Randall share a room, and Kevin loses his shit when he wakes up at 2 am and Randall is still up doing homework.  Rebecca comes in and jokingly asks Kevin if he wants to move to the basement.  Kevin is all over that.

We realize what an asshole Kevin was to Randall.  More on that later.  The big game comes up, where Kevin’s school is playing against Randall’s.  Jack is busy with work; so busy that he leaves the house without kissing her goodbye.  Rebecca auditions for a band and she and Jack can’t even take 5 minutes to talk about that.  We are starting to see some cracks in their relationship.  That makes me sad.  But as the mother to two busy kids, I can certainly see it happening.

This Is Us - Season 1

Kate & Toby

We first see Kate working very hard on her diet.  She’s working out, counting calories and portioning her food.  She and Toby go to their weight loss support group and Kate has lost only 1 pound, while Toby loses 8.  Kate walks out upset.  She later calls Toby, who is not responding to her.

She goes to his house to find that Toby is cheating on his diet.  He then tells Kate that he’s done dieting; he is tired of depriving himself.  Kate questions how their relationship is going to work with her trying to lose weight and Toby not.  Toby assures her it can work.  They go to dinner and Toby orders a huge dessert at Kate’s urging.  On her way home, she stops for gas and buys some powdered donuts.

PERSONAL SIDEBAR.  As a person who has struggled with my weight my entire life, I can completely understand Kate’s POV here.  I also feel her pain in Toby losing weight faster.  It’s so hard to be a woman.  Sidebar over.


Randall, Kevin, Beth and William

This was the biggest story of the episode.  Kevin and Randall make dinner plans with Rebecca in the city, but at the last minute, Rebecca cancels, leaving Kevin and Randall to have dinner on their own.  Since their relationship has always been strained, and they don’t have much to talk about, Kevin chooses a loud, posh restaurant where everyone will know who he is.

Meanwhile, William is dealing with chemo and the side effects.  Beth tells him that marijuana is good for helping and makes “special brownies” for them to help with the pain.  While high, William and Beth move all of Kevin’s belongings to the basement.  Lol.

Back to NYC, Kevin is greeted by a man and Randall asks who the man was. Kevin looks shocked; turns out, the man was Kevin’s best friend on The Manny.  It turns out that Randall has never watched the Manny.  Kevin gets pissed and storms out of the restaurant.

Back to Jersey, William and Beth are sitting outside under the stars and they quote a poem and Beth notes that it’s from a book of poetry Randall has had for ever.  William says “oh yeah, the one I gave Rebecca years ago.”  Uh-oh.  Yep, William just told Beth that Rebecca has known about him Randall’s whole life.  Beth is furious with Rebecca and calls and leaves her a voicemail to call her.

Back to NYC.  Randall finally confronts Kevin about why he hates him so much.  Kevin admits that he was always jealous of the attention Rebecca showed to Randall.  Randall says it’s because he didn’t get the love and attention from the only person he wanted it from – Kevin.  They start shoving each up and end up on the ground.  Of course, the people around grab their phones to record the scuffle, and Seth Meyers (playing himself) stumbles upon them and asks Kevin if he should call for help.  Kevin tells him that Randall is his brother and that everything is good.

Back in Jersey, Beth is seething with the news about Rebecca (and it’s going to come to a head next week, according to the previews).  William begs her to not to say anything to Randall.

Randall and Kevin pull up outside of the house, and Randall informs Kevin that “back there” was the first time in 36 years that Kevin has ever call Randall his brother.  Kevin says “that sucks”.  They go in the house, and Kevin says “someone’s high”.  He could tell immediately (which I found hilarious). Randall asks William if he got his wife high, and then says “that’s cool.”   William then informs Kevin that all his stuff has been moved to the basement.

Kevin goes down to the basement, and Randall comes down to make sure he’s ok.  Kevin asks him to hang out for a while, and they sit on the couch, watching the Manny together.

The whole Kevin/Randall story was told so beautifully in this episode.  Hopefully a change will happen in their relationship (especially since Kevin is living at his house).  But I like this storyline.


This was a good episode.  I’m really excited for next week.

Happy watching.


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