Man Crush Monday

Man Crush Monday – TV Edition

I’m changing up MCM for a little while.  I’ve sort of run out of guys from books that I want to focus on, so for a while, I’m going to do my MCM on guys from TV shows I love or movies I love.  Maybe you’ll find something new to watch now that “fall finales” are airing.

My Man Crush Monday (TV Edition) for this week is Jim Halpert from The Office (stream on Netflix).

Jim Halpert is one of my all time favorite characters on TV.  Why?  Well, let’s see.  He’s funny as hell, and loves to play pranks on his annoying co-worker.  Hilarious pranks. He’s also hopelessly in love with the receptionist, who happens to be engaged to a douchebag.

There are many reasons to love Jim.  He’s funny, he’s loyal, he is sweet and he loves hard.  His facial expressions are another reason to love him!!  And he’s quite nice looking:)

If you haven’t watched The Office, you can stream the entire series on Netflix.

Happy watching!


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