Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday – Former Go-To Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is an original blog meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week is a freebie, so my topic is:

Top Ten Former Go-To Authors

I’ve been a reader for a long time, and I used to only read certain authors.  Listed below are some of the authors that I used to “go-to”.  For most, I just either lost interest in the genre or the type of story, not the author personally.  There are in no particular order.

Jonathan Kellerman

I devoured the first 15 or so Alex Delaware books (and was massively in love with Dr. Delaware as well), but then the books starting become formulaic and boring.  My parents still read him, I just have not gone back.

Michael Crichton

I read most of MC’s early books (Sphere being one of my all time favorites), but didn’t read a lot of his later stuff (Disclosure).  RIP to one great author.

Mary Higgins Clark

Another author whose stories became formulaic and boring.  And another author who is sadly no longer with us.

Sandra Brown

I loved the Sandra Brown books that I read, and I read about a dozen.  Then I switched genres and never went back to her.

Janet Evanovich

I freaking loved the Stephanie Plum series, but by book 18, I was done.  The writing had gotten lazy and sloppy.  I tried her other series and just couldn’t find myself interested.

John Grisham

In the beginning, I loved his courtroom thrillers, but then they got boring.  I did love his books Bleachers and Playing for Pizza.  But the courtroom stuff, not so much.

Dan Brown

Loved his early work (especially Deception Point) but then lost interest in the Robert Langdon series.

Iris Johansen

Did you ever watch the TV show Party of Five?  It’s about a family that has a lot of really bad stuff happen to it.  That’s kind of how Eve Duncan’s (the main character) life is in these books.  I just got tired of being sad for her all the time.

Steve Berry

If you like mystery wrapped with history, then this is the author for you.  His Cotton Malone series is great, but I’ve moved away from that genre.  Maybe I’ll go back someday.

Kristen Ashley

I devoured several of her series (Rock Chick, Dream Man, Colorado Mountain), but the sheer length of her books is exhausting.

Any authors you don’t read anymore but liked their work?

Happy reading.


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