Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday – Unique Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog.  This week’s topic is Unique Reads.  Here are some of mine.

davinci codeThis book was very thought provoking.  Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus?  Even though it’s fiction, this book got me thinking about my faith and how it would change (it wouldn’t) if Jesus had in fact been married and had descendants.  Very interesting concept.



sphereSphere is one of my all time favorite books.  A team of scientists discover a spaceship at the bottom of the ocean and board it to learn about it.  This book was an amazing thriller and unlike anything I’ve ever read.



spellman filesWhat makes the Spellman Files unique is the amazingly querky characters, who you can’t help but like, but the writing style.  The book is written like it’s on an old typewriter and written like a journal.  This family is crazy and fun to read.


hopelessHopeless was unique because it had a twist I never saw coming but one that was so good and so well written.  I’m not the biggest YA person, but I loved both characters in this book and the concept was so fresh.  A must read.



defending jacobDefending Jacob is unique because it’s a story of a man whose teenage son is charged with murder, and he’s convinced beyond a doubt that his son is innocent.  This book has an ending nobody will see coming and it’s a must read.



the hunger gamesAnyone who has read the Hunger Games knows it’s unique, but for me, this book was way outside what I normally read and I loved it so much.  Katniss was such an amazingly strong character.  Loved this book.



time travelers wifeWhen I read this book, I loved it.  After time, I’ve decided it’s more creepy than good, but it’s still an interesting concept.  A man travels back in time (naked) and meets a 12 year old girl he eventually falls in love with.  Another book outside of my normal reading realm.


winter gardenAnother one of my all time favorites.  This is the story of two sisters, who are very different and not close, and are not at all close to their mother, who they view as cold and closed off.  They come to learn about their mother’s past and it changes everything.  Amazing book and a must read.



Heartsick is the story of a female serial killer and the police officer she torments.  What makes this story unique?  You actually feel for the female serial killer.  She is so charming that you can’t help it.  Great series.



playing for pizza

Playing for Pizza is not one of John Grisham’s more popular books, but IMO, it’s one of his best.  A baseball player gets sent to Italy to play baseball and ends up meeting a load of interesting people in an amazing little village.  The characters are what makes this book stand out.



What unique books have you read?


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