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What I’ve Been Watching

Hello all!

I know that Bookworm is in the title of my blog, but lately I’ve been more TV addicted than bookworm. I’ve been bingeing some stuff and I thought I’d share.

Mindhunter Season 2 (Netflix)

I loved Mindhunter season 1 and had high hopes for Season 2 and WAS NOT disappointed. In fact, I thought that season 2 was better than season 1. This season was much more focused on Bill, which I loved, because I find Bill fascinating. Really great season of television and I would recommend.

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Derry Girls (Netflix)

This little gem is about a group of teenage girls in the early 90’s in Northern Ireland, at a time of civil unrest.  These Irish girls go to an all girls Catholic school run by the funniest nun ever! This show is 12 episodes long, and the episodes are about 20 minutes each. Highly recommend.

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Fleabag (Amazon Prime)

To be honest, I watched episode 1 of Fleabag last Friday, before it won every Emmy Award known to man, and I’ve watched 3 episodes and I’m intrigued, but I’m still a little unsure what the show is really about.  I’m willing to give it another go just to see where it goes, and Olivia Coleman is in it, and she’s a riot.

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Season Premiere Week!!!!

It’s season premiere week and since I’m addicted to television, I have a lot of shows returning this week. Like:

This is Us

Modern Family

Single Parents (hilarious, you should watch)

And there are a few new shows I’m interested in, such as Bob Heart Abishola. That one looks really cute.

What are you watching now? I’m always looking for new shows to watch.

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What I’ve been watching

Hello all!!! I haven’t been reading much, but I have been busy watching stuff! Here is a little summary of what I’ve been watching…

Season 8 of Game of Thrones

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard that Game of Thrones came to an end this month. I’ve been hooked on this show for years, and while the final season felt rushed and choppy, I was personally satisfied with how the show ended. There was some things that were very unsatisfying, but I left the final episode feeling relief.

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Dead to Me on Netflix

Another hugely popular show, which deserves all the accolades. This show is so quirky but man is it good. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardenelli give really great performances as women who meet under unusual circumstances. There are ten episodes and each are about 30 minutes each, so it’s a quick show. I highly recommend this one.

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Schitt’s Creek on Netflix (and On Demand)

This is a rewatch for me and I think I liked it better the second time around. I love the Rose’s and the quirky people of Schitt’s Creek.  I’m a character driven person, and this show is full of great characters, my favorite of whom are David and Patrick. Seasons 1-4 are of Netflix and season 5 is on demand.

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Season 3 of Nailed It

Have you watched this show? If not, you should, because it’s hilarious! Amateur bakers try to recreate some impressive desserts with disastrous results. 6 episodes about 30 minutes long.

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Once the NBA and NHL finals are over, I plan to watch Chernobyl. I know a new season of MasterChef has hit, and I will be watching that as well.

If you have any recommendations, I’m happy to take them. I prefer 30 minutes shows on either Netflix or Amazon (since you can download them to your phone). But I’m willing to watch other things as well.

Happy watching:)

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TV Show Tag

Thanks to the lovely, Leslie @ Books are the New Black  for posting this! If you haven’t checked out her blog, please do so! She’s great. And since I LOVE TV so much, I was all over this!!!

Favorite shows?

Just a sampling…

  • The Office
  • Game of Thrones
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • This Is Us
  • A Million Little Things
  • Manifest
  • Victoria
  • The Masked Singer
  • Modern Family
  • Hell’s Kitchen/Masterchef
  • Single Parents
  • The Kids are Alright
  • Queer Eye
  • The Good Place

Favorite genre?

My favorite shows are comedies.

Least favorite show?

Not sure. I pretty much only watch scripted TV, so I guess reality TV.

Most re-watched show/favorite show to binge watch?

The Office is my all time favorite show, and I’ve binged it about 10 times. I’ve watched The Big Bang Theory a ton as well.

Do you prefer watching things week-by-week or binge-watching?

Week by week. Binge watching leaves me wanting more.

Favorite television characters?

Jim Halpert from The Office
Pam Beasley Halpert from the Office
Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation
Jon Snow from Game of Thrones
Phil Dunphy from Modern Family
Jack Pearson from This is Us
Randall Pearson from This is Us
Arya Stark from Game of Thrones
Amy Farrah Fowler from Big Bang Theory
Chidi from the Good Place
Jack Bauer from 24
Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

Favorite television ships?

Jim and Pam from the Office are my favorite. I also love Leslie and Ben from Parks and Recreation.

Show you could never get into?

The Walking Dead. I just don’t get it.

Show you fell out of love with?

Lots. The Blacklist, Blindspot, How to Get Away with Murder, just to name a few.

Cancelled too soon?

Sports Night. It was so well written.

Guilty pleasure show?

Don’t really have one.

What are you currently watching?

Nothing right now. Always looking for a new true crime show to binge.

Tag, you’re it!

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Great Documentaries I watched in January

I live in Chicago, and the weather has been absolutely atrocious this month, so I have had some time to watch some amazing documentaries. I do feel like this month has gone on FOREVER, and that at the beginning of this month, I was on vacation from work. But I’ve been at home for three days this week due to brutally cold weather, so I’ve been watching some true crime on Netflix.

The Innocent Man (Netflix)

This true story, based on the only non-fiction novel John Grisham has ever written, focused on two murders in the small town of Ada, Oklahoma in the early 1980’s and the rampant police corruption that sent four men to prison who were innocent. This was very riveting television. There were four episodes and I really didn’t want it to end. Highly recommend.

The Bundy Tapes (Netflix)

Despite the gruesome nature of these crimes by Ted Bundy, I have to say that I found this documentary extremely interesting. Ted Bundy was charming, and good looking, and was incredibly smart, and hearing his story was great TV. It’s a good precursor to the new movie coming out starring Zac Efron. 4 episodes, each around 1 hour.

Abducted in Plain Sight (Netflix).

This documentary is really tough to watch. A 12-year old girl named Jan is kidnapped by a family friend and what unfolds really defies belief. Why it’s so hard to believe is what her parents do. They are getting some major flack on social media. It’s a fascinating look at what happens when you’re being controlled by a sociopath. 1 hour and 30 minute movie.

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Longshot (Netflix)

This is the shortest of the documentaries at 40 minutes. This is the story of a man arrested for murder, when he had the most amazing alibi, and once you hear what it is, you won’t even believe it. This was a really good story, and it was short.

Image result for longshot netflix gif

Have you watched any true crime documentaries? If yes, I would love to know which ones. I have Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime.

Happy watching.

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Penny Hofstader is the worst part of the Big Bang Theory (now), IMO

When the TBBT started 12 years ago, Penny was a sweet, young, naive girl from Nebraska with the big dream of being a star in Hollywood.

Image result for penny hofstadter gifs

Leonard, her neighbor and eventual love interest, pined over her for years. Watching the show over (and over, and over), I now see that Penny always had feelings for Leonard, but just didn’t admit to them.

For the first 8 seasons, I loved Penny. She was a girl chasing a dream. Now, I can’t stand her. She’s a mean spirited witch, especially to her long-suffering husband, Leonard.

Why do I no longer like Penny? Hmmm, where do I start? She is SO rude to Leonard. All the time. She puts him down, makes fun of his small stature, him in bed, you name it. Not to him most of the time, but she’s always putting him down to Amy and Bernadette.

Image result for penny hofstadter gifs

When she got the job as a Pharmaceutical Rep, she wasted no time throwing in Leonard’s face that she made more money than him, when in reality, show owes him thousands of dollars from loans he’d given her in the past (he also bought her a car!!!). That is one thing that drives me insane about her character. It’s like she (ok, the writers) forgot the first seven years when Penny was broke and Leonard constantly paid for her food, even when they weren’t dating.

My biggest issue with her now, and sorry, this may be a spoiler if you’re not caught up, is she doesn’t want to have kids. That is so unfair to Leonard. She knows damn well that Leonard does and has always wanted kids with Penny. In the first episode of the series, she says how smart and beautiful their children would be. The fact that Penny just sprung this on Leonard makes her even more unlikable.

Image result for penny hofstadter gifs

Leonard and Penny, as characters on the show, have really stalled out as a couple. They aren’t doing anything really. Amy and Sheldon have written a paper, Howard and Bernie have two kids, and Raj is looking for love. Penny and Leonard have done nothing for two seasons now, and quite frankly, their storyline is BORING.

I have a feeling that Peonard will end up with kids, but I’m just not loving this whole storyline. Or Penny.

Just my two cents.



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The Masked Singer is ridiculous; but I can’t stop watching!

I saw the previews of the Masked Singer on Fox (and there were MANY) and I thought “this show looks so dumb”. While that may be true, it’s so much fun to watch!!

For the past two weeks, “masked” singers have come out to perform, and the judges have to guess who they are. The judges are Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger.

The costumes these performers are in are amazingly elaborate. I can’t imagine hanging out in a costume like that for an hour.  It’s quite hilarious. There are some professional singers for sure; and some not. What’s fun is trying to figure out who the people are based on the “clues” and their performance. I know who the Raven is for sure. I have guesses about others.

What makes the show so funny are the insane guesses the judges make. Lady Gaga? President Obama? Really??? Think C or D list celebrities for sure!!!

If you haven’t checked out this show, do so. It’s very entertaining. I’ll include a video below to show you:)


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TV Show Recommendation – Single Parents (ABC)

Thank god for streaming apps. When I’m at work on my lunch, I love watching shows that are new. One of my favorite from this season is Single Parents, which is on ABC, Wednesday nights at 8:30 pm central time.

The show stars Bard Garrett, Taran Killam and Leighton Meester as a group of single parents, who are good friends that help each other out.  They each have their own thing – Douglas (Garrett) has twin girls with a stripper who died, and has an interesting parenting style. Will (Killam) is raising his daughter alone and is a bit of an eccentric nerd. And Angie (Meester) is mom to a neurotic son who is very dependent on her.

The kids on this show are honestly the best part. They are hysterical.  I was a little skeptical of this show at first, but it’s really funny and I highly recommend. Check out a clip below.