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Blog Tour ~ Mixed Up Love by Natasha Madison


When my business partner asked me to do him a favor, I had no idea he was sending me on a blind date his mother arranged for him. I walked in the bar, saw the woman drinking her third martini, and knew I was in for an eventful night.

After the unexpected second date, she didn’t know my real name or who I really was. By that time, the lie was too far gone, and I wanted her too much to admit the truth.


It’s not every day you find out your ex-boyfriend is engaged.

I shouldn’t have agreed to the blind date. My mother insisted, and I wasn’t in any position to turn down a night out.

I will admit, I definitely shouldn’t have ordered that fourth martini before said blind date even arrived.

The man turned out to be swoon worthy, handsome, condescending—a perfect distraction. Then I found out he was a liar.

I’ve never been in over my head to this degree.

Then again, I’ve never been in love.

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I pull up to the front door, and the valet meets me at my door once I stop. “Good evening, sir,” he says once I open my door.

“Yeah, I won’t be here long,” I tell him as I get out, not bothering to take off my sunglasses when I hand him the keys.

“No worries, sir. It will be here when you are ready,” he says, handing me the ticket for later. I put it in the inside pocket of my suit jacket. I walk inside to the hostess table, where a woman who looks like she is eighteen stands smiling.

“How may I help you?” she asks sweetly. I stop and look around to see if I might recognize the woman I’m here to meet, even though I’ve never met her. I spot a couple of women at the bar, but I instinctively know they aren’t her. I also check for exits. It’s not my fault; it’s just instilled in me.

Looking to the left, I don’t see anyone sitting alone, but then I look to the right, and I see her. I don’t know why I know it’s her, but I just do. With curly long blond hair, she downs a martini, then picks up another one and brings it to her mouth. I spot a waiter walking with two more martinis on his tray, and I’m not surprised when I see him approaching her table. “Great,” I say under my breath. “I found her,” I tell the hostess and start walking toward the table. She spots me and watches my every move. Luckily, the glasses I’m wearing stop her from seeing my eyes.

The closer I get to her, the more my pulse speeds up. What the fuck? This is weird. I look around maybe to see if something else is piquing my interest or maybe I spotted something to elevate my pulse, but no, it’s her. The fact that a gorgeous woman is sitting by herself and drinking like a fish is enough to get any man’s adrenaline pumping. Isn’t it?

“Are you Laney?” I ask, taking off my glasses, and my gray eyes finally meet her blue ones. She opens her mouth, expecting, I think, something to come out, but nothing does. I continue looking around to see if anyone is watching her, and it’s no surprise that I spot two guys at the bar sizing her up.

“Here are two more.” The waiter smiles at her, putting two more glasses down on the table and taking the two now empty ones away. She laughs nervously, and I want to reach out and trip him when he walks away.

“It isn’t what it looks like.” Her soft voice breaks me out of my plan, and I turn back to her as she smiles at me, causing my heartbeat to skyrocket. The collar of my shirt suddenly feels tight, but it’s not even buttoned.

“Really? I find it hard to believe,” I finally say. Looking around again, I spot the same two guys in suits sitting at the bar watching her. This time, one of them spots me and looks back down at his drink. “It looks like you’re sitting here waiting for something bad to happen.” I pull out the chair and sit in front of her.

“Um.” She still doesn’t say anything.

When her nose isn’t buried in a book, or her fingers flying across a keyboard writing, she’s in the kitchen creating gourmet meals. You can find her, in four inch heels no less, in the car chauffeuring kids, or possibly with her husband scheduling his business trips. It’s a good thing her characters do what she says, because even her Labrador doesn’t listen to her…

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

I absolutely loved the last Natasha Madison book I read, so I was very excited when the opportunity came to review another book of hers. I was not disappointed in Mixed Up Love.

Laney is a dentist whose mother is constantly setting her up on blind dates. She agrees to go on a blind date with Anthony, but Laney had a bad day, and when Anthony shows up, she’s already on her third martini and partially shitfaced.

Her date, however, isn’t Anthony. It’s his best friend Hunter. Anthony had a date set up already, and agreed to meet Laney to appease his mother. He begs Hunter to go in his place, and Hunter reluctantly agrees. When he arrives at the restaurant, he’s greeted by a pretty drunk Laney. Laney finds T, as he advises her to call him, broody and irritating. He takes Laney to his favorite Mexican restaurant, which she loves, and he takes her home. The next morning, he hears a buzzing in his car, and discovers Laney’s phone with a text with her address, asking that the phone is returned.

As it turns out, Hunter runs a security firm, and served a few tours in the Navy, so he is very aware of his surroundings and safety. He feels that Laney is a little too carefree with her safety, and he chastises her about it frequently, leading to fights with Hunter. Anyway, after two dates with T, the truth comes crashing down on Hunter, when Laney realizes she wasn’t spend with Anthony after all. Turns out that Anthony was dating her best friend, Sandy, and they had some wild sex that ended up with a broken tooth and a trip to visit Laney.

So, I will admit that the book moved very fast, as did Laney and Hunter’s relationship. I’m not  a huge fan of insta-love, but these characters were all so likable and fun that I was able to look past it.

This was a very fun book and I would highly recommend it.

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Cover Reveals/Blitzes

Release Blitz & Review ~ It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time by Kylie Scott

“Addictive like all Kylie Scott books, you’ll swoon, laugh, ache, put your life on hold, and compulsively read until the wee hours of the night—only to reread the whole thing the next morning. Perfection!” – Katy Evans, New York Times bestselling author

Returning home for her father’s wedding was never going to be easy for Adele. If being sent away at eighteen hadn’t been bad enough, the mess she left behind when she made a pass at her dad’s business partner sure was.

Fifteen years older than her, Pete had been her crush for as long as she could remember. But she’d misread the situation—confusing friendliness for undying love. Awkward. Add her father to the misunderstanding, and Pete was left with a broken nose and a business on the edge of ruin. The man had to be just as glad as everyone else when she left town.

Seven years later, things are different. Adele is no longer a kid, but a fully grown adult more than capable of getting through the wedding and being polite. But all it takes is seeing him again to bring back those old feelings.

Sometimes first loves are the truest.



It was meant to be a soft kiss. A chaste one, even.

The minute my lips touched his, however, everything changed. Callused hands grabbed the sides of my face and my mouth opened on a gasp. His tongue swept inside, taking me over. Holy hell. Shoes and purse hit the floor, forgotten. Nothing about this kiss was slow or easy. The man devoured me. Every ounce of emotion poured into that kiss, all of the anger and frustration between us. His tongue was teasing and tasting, driving me wild. Then he drew back to suck and nip at my bottom lip. One hand slid around the back of my neck, the other over my hip to grab at my ass. His hold was firm, a little rough even. He treated my body like it belonged to him and I wasn’t gentle either.

Apparently experience mattered. Because all I could do was try and keep up.

I held on tight to his open shirt, straining against him, trying to get closer. I’d have crawled inside the man if I could. Turned out that under certain circumstances, the taste of scotch worked for me in a big way. Against my hip, his cock hardened, digging into me. And oh my God, I’d done that to him. Me. How amazing! Meanwhile, my body felt liquid, core aching and empty. I needed him inside of me and it seemed like I’d already been waiting forever.

“Pete. Please.”

“Fuck,” he muttered, breath hot against my ear.

I fumbled at the remaining buttons on his shirt. My damn fingers didn’t seem to be working. Easier to just push the whole thing upward. Luckily, the man decided to help, tearing the shirt off over his head. More skin was good. And he was so hot and smooth, a thrill to the touch. The solid flesh of his pecs and the flat plane of his stomach.

He tore at the zipper on the back of my dress, dragging fabric down over my shoulders. A growl came from the back of his throat, a noise of frustration, impatience. I’m reasonably certain I heard the silk rip. I didn’t care. His hands and mouth seemed to cover every bit of skin revealed, touching and tasting me everywhere. The dress got stuck on my hips. Out of the way enough for now.

He didn’t even bother undoing my bra, simply peeling down one of the lace cups to free my flesh. My breast filled his hot palm as it took the weight. Fingers plumped me, his thumb flicking over my hard nipple. The sting of pain followed by the heat of his kiss made my head spin and my body ache. There was no room for thought as he fed me deep, wet kisses. Slowly, he took us to the floor. No time for anything else. Just the urgent need to have him inside me.

The hardness of the polished wood was cool against my back. My legs were spread, his body between them. And with his broad chest above me, his weight taken on one arm, he was all I could see. I swear even the insides of my thighs were wet, I was so ready. It would have been embarrassing with anybody else. But this man, he had to know, he had to understand. It had always been him.

“Pete, I need—”

“I know,” he said, voice harsh and low.

kyliescottimageKylie is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She was voted Australian Romance Writer of the year, 2013 & 2014, by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association and her books have been translated into eleven different languages. She is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet. You can learn more about Kylie from




4 out of 5 stars

It’s funny – I’ve read some reviews on this book, and they were kind of negative – especially about Adele. I will explain more, but I will say up front that I don’t agree with the negative feedback about Adele.

Adele has been in love with Pete, her dad’s business partner, since she was 16 years old and would visit her dad in the summer. Pete spent a lot of time with Adele, taking her to the movies, on dates with him and to the beach. Adele’s crush was one-sided, since when she was 16, put was 31 years old (he is 15 years older). Right after Adele’s 18th birthday, she declares her love for Pete and flashes him. Sadly, her dad walks in, sees his daughter topless and punches Pete in the face, breaking his nose.

Fast forward 7 years – Adele’s dad, Andrew, is getting married to a lovely woman named Shanti. Adele comes back to her dad’s for the first time in seven years  – since her incident with Pete. She’s all grown up – 25, and Pete is now 40. Pete is a very closed off guy. He doesn’t let people in. So when Adele shows back up and has to stay in his guest room, he’s not prepared for the things he’s feeling.

Despite the 15 year age gap, I felt that Pete was a little immature. He couldn’t make up his mind about anything – especially Adele. He kept leading her on, and was hot and cold with her. I thought Adele acted much more mature than her 25 years when it came to Pete. She knew she wanted Pete and didn’t hide that fact.

I loved Shanti, Adele’s step mother. She was such an amazing character. I loved Adele’s best friend Hazel, and I liked Adele. I truly believe that when you meet the one, you know. Adele knew Pete was the one for her. It just took Pete a lot longer to figure things out.

If I had a problem with the book, it would be that the story was ONLY told from Adele’s perspective. I would have loved to hear Pete’s side of the story. I think that Pete was in love with Adele when she was 16, but it was forbidden love and he would have never admitted it.

I really enjoyed this story, and I would recommend it!

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WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday – 8/8/18

WWW is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

What I’m Currently Reading

Nothing. I finished Bishop last night and didn’t start anything new this morning. Got caught up playing Best Fiends:)

What I Recently Finished

Bishop by Sawyer Bennett. New hockey team with new players to swoon over. Enjoyed this one.

handsome fit man

Mixed Up Love by Natasha Madison. I very much enjoyed this book.

mixed up love

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time by Kylie Scott. Different than her other books, but good nonetheless. Set in Australia.

seemed like a good idea att

What I Plan to Read Next

Some ARC’s mixed with some Kindle Unlimited books:)

What is on your list this week?

Happy reading.


ARC Review ~ Bishop by Sawyer Bennett

handsome fit man

Title: Bishop
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Romance
Where I got it: Netgalley

Goodreads Summary

Meet the Arizona Vengeance, hockey’s hottest new team. They’re burning up the ice—until a one-night-stand with the coach’s daughter freezes one player in his skates.

Bishop Scott, co-captain. Not too shabby, huh? It’s all part of my fresh start with the NHL’s latest expansion team, and that means new teammates, a new coach, a new city, and a big new contract. Basically, I cannot f***ing wait to show my old squad what they’re missing.

But first, I decide to check out the town before the grind begins. Turns out Arizona chicks are totally smokin’, and I’m fortunate enough to meet one who’s looking for the same thing I am: a night of anonymous, unforgettable, no-strings-attached sex.

Fast forward to the Vengeance arena. It’s the last place I expect to see her again—let alone in her own office. Then bells go off and I finally realize who this girl is: Brooke Perron. My new coach’s daughter. All of a sudden, we’re picking up right where we left off, which means our hands are all over each other. That’s when her dad—my boss—walks in. And before I can get a word out, Brooke’s introducing me as her fiancé.

Sure, she just saved my ass. So why do I get the feeling Brooke’s going to turn my world upside down? Maybe it’s because this fake relationship feels way too real. . . .


Sawyer Bennett knows how to write hockey players She did it 11 times with the Cold Fury series, and now she introduces us to the Arizona Vengeance – a new expansion franchise (think Vegas).

Bishop Scott was brought to the franchise from New York with his friend Dax. He goes to a club in Phoenix one night and meets Brooke – whom he finds beautiful and intriguing and ends up taking her home. He never got her last name or number in the morning, which he regrets. Imagine his surprise when he gets to the arena the next day and discovers Brooke works for the team – and is the coaches daughter.

Brooke’s mother died seven months prior to the move to Arizona, and her father has been taking it very hard. She moved to Arizona to be closer to her dad, and took a position with the team that wasn’t what she wanted to be doing, but it meant being close to her dad, and she was fine with that. Her dad finds her and Bishop making out in her office, and Brooke blurts out that they are engaged, even though they aren’t.

They decide to continue their charade, while of course developing feelings for each other for real. I liked the other guys on the team, especially Dax and Erik (who the next book is about, yeah). There was a side story with a friend of Brooke’s that was a little annoying, but it added a little drama.

There wasn’t an epilogue, which was disappointing, but maybe we will get the closure in the next book. This was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it.

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Release Blitz ~ One Hundred Promises by Kelly Collins

We are so excited to be sharing with you the release of ONE HUNDRED PROMISES by Kelly Collins. ONE HUNDRED PROMISES is the fourth standalone in the Aspen Cove series and if you love small-town contemporary romance, you won’t want to miss this one!


Join Bestselling Author Kelly Collins on another trip to Aspen Cove where anything is possible when it comes to love…

Aspen Cove, Colorado isn’t on Lydia Nichols’s wish list when she finishes her residency at Denver General Hospital, but life delivered several surprising blows. Her long-time boyfriend, who was also her boss, moved on with a nurse and took Lydia’s job with him. No boyfriend. No job. No options. As a favor to her sister, she arrives in the small mountain town for a temporary job as the clinic doctor. Her first question when she gets there is ‘how fast can I leave?’ That is, until sinfully, sexy Wes Covington comes into the clinic seeking care. With him around Lydia may have found a reason to stay—for now.

Wes Covington left his demons in Denver. Working for his family’s architectural firm, he was tired of being almost—almost good enough—almost rich enough—almost loveable enough. He abandoned his penthouse, his high-paying position and his Porsche for simple, small-town life. All he wants is to restore his ancestral home and find a good woman who’ll love him for who he is and not what he’s worth. When Wes meets Dr. Lydia Nichols, he likens her to a hellion with a halo. She’s the perfect mix of sassy and sweet, cunning and compassion, but she’ll never be his unless he can convince her to stay.

Love blooms when the timing is right, but will Lydia surrender her chance at love or can Wes convince her that everything she’ll ever want or need is right in Aspen Cove?

Find out in One Hundred Promises

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Grab your copy of ONE HUNDRED PROMISES on Amazon today!

Read an excerpt from ONE HUNDRED PROMISES

“Did I kiss you?”

She let out a frustrated breath. “Yes, Wes, did you kiss me?”

He appeared to enjoy her discomfort. “Well, as a matter of fact, I did.”

Ba boom, ba boom, ba boom her heart raced until it became boom boom boom boom.

She dropped her breakfast to the plate and buried her face in her hands. “I’m so embarrassed.”

“Nothing to be embarrassed about.”

The heat of her blush burned her cheeks. She licked her lips, hoping that action would spur a memory. As if she’d taste him. There was nothing. Mad at herself for her lack of control, she lashed out. “Couldn’t have been a good kiss if I don’t remember it.”

“Below par as far as kisses go. You want a memorable kiss, all you have to do is ask.” He reached for the bag of bandages and pulled out the gauze and tape. “Give me a hand?”

“You insult my kisses and now you want help?” Surely the kiss couldn’t have been that bad. How bad could her kiss be?

He moved his hand to the center of the table palm up. “I didn’t insult your kiss.”

She tugged his hand and wrapped the wound with gauze. She might have tugged it a little too tight. Certain she did when he hissed. As much as she wanted him to suffer for his comment, she couldn’t in her right mind torture him, so she loosened the bandage and taped it in place. “You don’t think calling our first kiss subpar is an insult?”

Wes’s laugh filled the air. Even Sarge lifted his head to see what was going on. “Lydia, you asked me to kiss you several times. I refused. Not because I don’t find you attractive. I think you’re stunning.”

“Why did you give in and kiss me?”

He moved his chair so he sat next to her. When he twisted his body, they were close enough for a repeat performance.

“Against my better judgment, I gave in because I couldn’t resist.” He lifted his shoulders and let them drop.

She watched his lips as he spoke—full, lush lips that surely gave memorable kisses. She hated that she couldn’t recall the moment. “Sorry I disappointed you.” Her shoulders tipped forward and her head hung low.

Wes thumbed her chin up, forcing her to look at him. “Lydia, you weren’t a disappointment. We barely brushed lips and honestly you were already passed out when that happened. I told you last night if you really wanted a kiss you needed to ask me for it when you were sober.”

His words worked their way from her head to her heart. “You didn’t want to take advantage of me.” The words came out in soft awe because so many people would have taken what she’d drunkenly offered.

“I’m not that guy.” He let go of her chin and cupped her cheek. “I hear you’re an amazing kisser, Lydia.”

She smiled. “Who told you?”

He leaned forward. “You did,” he whispered across her lips.

“I could do better.” She shifted her body so her knees moved between his thighs. Face to face, their lips were a separated by a breath. “I want to do better.”

“Overachiever?” The hand that had cupped her cheek now cradled her neck.

He was close enough for her to see the gemstone flecks in his eyes. When she inhaled, she breathed in the citrus and spice that mixed with his scent. Lust and need made her dizzy. Her head spun. Unsteady, she palmed his chest for balance. The hard muscle flexed under her hand. Her fingers trailed down his chest to explore every hill and valley of sinew.

She breathed deeply. “Call it what you want, but kiss me.”

Soft and sure, his lips pressed to hers. It wasn’t a frenzied kiss, but a measured moment until she parted her lips to grant him access. He dipped his tongue inside and slid it across her tongue for a languid taste.

Fingers threaded through her hair, he gripped her tight and pulled her closer to deepen the kiss. Sweet like honey, his mouth moved over hers. His soft, velvet tongue danced across hers. She knew he was a busy man, but he sat there and kissed her like he had all day. When he pulled away, he nipped at her bottom lip until he sucked it into his mouth. Rockets of desire shot like fireworks through her body.

With a pop, he released her lip and sat back. His eyes burned with passion. The kind of passion she had always wanted to see from a lover but never did.

“Now that’s a kiss I’ll remember.”


International bestselling author of more than thirty novels, Kelly Collins writes with the intention of keeping the love alive. Always a romantic, she blends real-life events with her vivid imagination to create characters and stories that lovers of contemporary romance, new adult, and romantic suspense will return to again and again.

Kelly lives in Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains with her husband of twenty-eight years, their two dogs, and a bird that hates her. She has three amazing children, whom she loves to pieces.

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When Light Leads to You by C.R. Ellis

Today C.R. Ellis is here today to share her blog tour for WHEN LIGHT LEADS TO YOU! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!


Author: C.R. Ellis

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a crush on a boy. Eventually, they fell in love. They lived happily ever after.

Except they didn’t. Not even close.
I’m the girl, but that’s not my story.

Once upon a time, I fell for a boy, but we didn’t have a happily ever after. In fact, we crashed and burned. Which turned out to be for the best because it forced me to grow up and realize the only wedding bells in my future are the ones I orchestrate for clients.

For six years I’ve been perfectly content with meaningless, short-lived flings and running from anything that resembles a real relationship.

That boy?
He’s my best friend’s brother, and he’s no longer the boy I fell for—he’s a man I can’t stand.

Oh, and he’s also my new neighbor.

Seemingly overnight, Jasmine Winters went from being my sister’s best friend to being the girl I couldn’t get enough of. But like most good things, it didn’t last.

Things fell apart so suddenly, I’m able to convince myself that summer never happened. At least, I was, until the only distance between us is a hallway instead of a time zone.

Six years ago, I let Jasmine slip through my fingers without an explanation because I was convinced we’d be better off apart. But now that we’re neighbors, our unspoken vow of apathy has unwittingly been shattered. Our exchanges consist of trading insults and icy stare downs. But in-between, I catch glimpses of the way she used to look at me, glimpses of the girl I fell for years ago.

Things are different now, though. This time… I won’t let her walk away without giving me answers.

When Light Leads to You is the second full-length novel of the Forget Me Knot series, but can be read as a standalone. **Due to strong language and the sexy times between these two, this book is recommended to readers ages 18 and up.**

Get Your Copy Today!




About C.R. Ellis:

C.R. Ellis is a Texas native who writes contemporary romance novels with plenty of drama and humor, and just enough heat to ignite e-readers and paperbacks everywhere. She can almost always be found attached to her laptop with coffee nearby and her two trusty canine sidekicks by her side. When she’s not writing or plotting, she enjoys going to concerts with her sweet husband, dragging him along to see rom-coms at any theater that serves booze, checking off the next destination on her ever-growing travel bucket list, and trying new recipes.

Her passion for writing stems from her lifelong love of reading, and she often binge-reads entire books in a day. She’s an unapologetic book hoarder, and her paperback collection is rivaled only by her massive shoe collection.


Connect with C.R. Ellis

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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My rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars

Jasmine is a wedding planner, and has had a thing for her best friend’s brother since she was ten years old. She moves to New York for an internship forms a friendship with Dean (the brother). After a little encouragement from her friend, Jasmine goes to tell Dean how she feels, and she overhears Dean telling his roommate that doing anything with Jasmine would be a mistake. Thus begins Jasmine’s “love em and leave em” attitude towards men.

Fast forward six years and Jasmine lives in her hometown of Austin, and Dean has recently moved back to work in private security for his college roommate. Dean moves across the hall from Jasmine, and her hatred of Dean shows through constantly.  Dean has no clue why Jasmine hates him so much – until she tells him. He’s devastated that he hurt Jasmine so much, but honestly, how could he have possibly known that Jasmine was in the stairwell and heard something he said 6 years ago.

Dean sets out to win over Jasmine’s heart, but she is resistant. I didn’t love Jasmine at first. Her mother’s death sent her over the edge, and she became a hard person.

Dean, on the other hand, is AMAZING. Dean took charge when his ex-girlfriend died and he made sure her brother, Nate, was taken care of and given the opportunity to finish school and go to college. Dean was also dealing with a crazy ex, Natasha, whom I hated. She was a really awful character.

I liked the side characters in this story. Jade and Emmett, Jasmine’s best friend and her fiancé, were the stars of the first book (which I didn’t read). I liked Elliott, their assistant, and I LOVED Nate. Nate was a great character, who really loved and appreciated everything Dean had done for him.

The story itself was a little long. I felt like it just dragged on, but I liked the ending, and I really liked the epilogue.

Overall, a good read and I would recommend.

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Teaser Share ~ Holding Hailey by Kat Mizera

Who loves hockey romance?!

Holding Hailey by Kat Mizera is coming soon on August 30th!

Amazon ➣

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Going for gold cost world-class hockey athlete Hailey Dobson everything. She may have walked away with the medal, but everything else in her life is a disaster. She has no job, no place to live, limited savings and six long months until the check comes with the money for law school. The only bright spot is her long-distance relationship with a professional hockey star.

Kane “Hattrick” Hatcher got his nickname because scoring three goals in a single game was his thing. But when he gets traded to a new team in Alaska, he has three new obstacles to overcome:  His game is off, his coach has been riding his ass and the girl he’s crazy about lives on the other side of the continent.

When an unexpected opportunity brings them back together for the summer, they find that the consequences of their actions may leave them playing co-captains for life. Neither Kane nor Hailey are prepared for this game changer. With everything on the line, can two over-achievers overcome adversity off the ice?