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Man Crush Monday – TV Edition

I’m changing up MCM for a little while.  I’ve sort of run out of guys from books that I want to focus on, so for a while, I’m going to do my MCM on guys from TV shows I love or movies I love.  Maybe you’ll find something new to watch now that “fall finales” are airing.

My Man Crush Monday (TV Edition) for this week is Jon Snow from Game of Thrones (HBO).

Jon Snow is a character on HBO’s Game of Thrones (GOT).  On GOT, there are a few main families – The Starks, The Lannisters and The Tyrrell’s .  Jon Snow is technically a Stark, though he’s a “bastard”.  Long story.

Why do I love Jon Snow.  He’s a fighter.  He’s loyal and he’s hot as hell.  Ok, just kidding (no, I’m not.  He’s hot).  Jon has spent his entire life being told he’s a bastard, being treated like shit by his father’s wife, but yet, he stays strong and makes his situation better.  Despite being treated by his “family”, he loves them unconditionally.  He’s also very selfless.

jon snowjonsnow

If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones, do yourself a favor and watch.  It’s amazing.

Happy watching and happy Thanksgiving week!

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Game of Thrones S6:E2: Home


I was late to the game in blogging about S6:E1 (which I didn’t find fantastic), but I thought I’d start blogging about the rest of the episodes.  I binged GOT in the two months before the premiere, so I didn’t have the long, excruciating wait that some of you had.  I’m a little thankful for that!

So let’s jump right in.    There will be SPOILERS, so if you haven’t watched, don’t read on.

I’m going to talk about episodes based on location, FYI.

In the North:  Daavos and the others are still reeling in the aftermath of Jon Snow’s death.  Thorne and the others responsible for JS’s death (including that little shit Ollie, who I want to punch in his little face) got what they had coming when the Wildings stormed in and took them into custody.  Daavos went to Melisandre and asked her use her magic to bring JS back to life.  Melisandre is still really upset that her visions didn’t come true (and let us not forget she had a child burned at the stake).

Meanwhile, BRAN STARK makes his triumphant return to GOT!!  He’s quite grown up, and is having visions while in the company of the three-eyed Raven.  He sees his father as a young man, along with his brother BenJen and his not-so-often spoken of sister Lyanna Stark (there is a rumor on the internet that Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen are Jon Snow’s actual parents; which would make him heir to the North AND the Iron Throne!  Duh duh duh).  We also see Hodor, whose real name is Wyllis, talking in sentences.  Poor Hodor.  Bran seeing his father’s childhood is going to be really interesting in upcoming episodes.

At Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton  – just holy fucking shit, this dude is seriously fucked in the head (pardon my language).  Ramsay and Roose are told that the baby has been born – and it’s a boy.  A normal brother would congratulate his father.  Not Ramsay.  He kills his father.  Then his stepmother and the baby are looking for Roose, and Ramsay lets the hounds loose on them.  This dude is a sick fuck and he needs to die – yesterday.  He makes Joffrey seem like a Boy Scout.


Speaking of Ramsay, his fleeing bride is finally with Brienne of Tarth and under her protection.  Theon informs Sansa that he is not going to Castle Black with her – he’s going home (more on his home below).  Theon says Jon would pretty much kill him for what he’s done to his family.  Sansa forgave him – it was a touching moment.  Sansa also discovers that Arya is still alive and doing well.  Brienne informs her that she lost her, and she doesn’t know where she is, but she was doing well and  not “dressed very lady like”.  Lol.

Back to Castle Black, Melisandre decides to try and resurrect JS. She does some magic, having to cut his hair in the process (NO) but it seems like it didn’t work.  Everyone leaves the room, and a napping Ghost wakes up – and so does Jon!  That was a gasp worthy moment – then fade to black!!!!

jon snow

King’s Landing:  Tommen is still super pissed off at mommy dearest for locking up his fuck buddy (his new wife), so he blocks her attendance at Myrcella’s poorly attended wake.  Jamie tells the boy King to go speak to his momma and makes amends.  When he goes to visit his batshit crazy momma, she waits for him to apologize for his actions, while Tommen whines like the little bitch he is about his wifey being locked up.

mommy dearest

Jamie has an interesting talk with the High Sparrow about bloodshed. Didn’t much listen to that part – was distracted looking at the gorgeous Jamie.

Mereen:  Tyrion is worried about Dany’s Dragons, who have gone on a hunger strike since Momma Dragon flew off on Drogos.  Tyrion decides that the dragons are intelligent and goes to talk to them – and takes their chains off.  Will be interesting to see where that goes.


The Iron Islands:  After Theon’s announcement that he’s going home, there was some action over in the Iron Isles.  Balon is walking back to his room on a rickety wooden bridge (think Shrek going to get Fiona) and he’s met by a robed man.  Turns out the man is his brother Euron, who we have never seen before.   Euron kills Balon (bye bye).  They send him out to sea and Yara states that the throne should be hers – not so fast girlfriend.  I don’t think that’s going to happen.  And she doesn’t know her dear old uncle did the deed.

Braavos:  Arya is still blind and getting the shit kicked out of her daily by that crazy bitch who works with the creepy king dude.  He brought her back to the hall, so maybe she’ll get her sight back.  She’s likely not going to die.

We didn’t see Dany in this episode, nor did we see the crazy bitches from Dorne.  The Dorne bitches are going to have to deal with karma, and you know Dany is going to have a huge storyline.

Overall, this episode was much better than the first.  I’ll admit I was super pissed that the Jon Snow storyline wasn’t wrapped up in the first episode, but it was fine the way it worked out.  I’m really curious to see where the Bran storyline is going to go. I’m also curious to see what’s going to happen now that Tyrion has released the dragons.  I’m just thrilled that Jon Snow is alive and can’t wait to see how that plays out.

Winter is coming.